Pokemon card fan shows just how bad the scalping crisis has become

Pokemon Ash Ketchum next to Torn TCG products Wal MartThe Pokemon Company / Reddit: myorm

The Pokemon community was left stunned after a viral post showed the damage a Pokemon Trading Card Game scalper had created at a Walmart. The greedy seller tore apart products to get their hands on rare TCG collectibles.

Despite launching over 25 years ago, the Pokemon TCG has seen a major explosion in popularity since 2020. With items now selling for as much as a house, greedy sellers have gone to great lengths to try to get a piece of the trending Nintendo collectibles.

One scalper took things too far when they left a Walmart shelf decimated. A viral post online had fans of the Game Freak series in shock after one player showed the absolute destruction one reseller caused at their local store.

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Empty store shelves Pokemon TCGReddit
This isn’t the first time Pokemon Cards have been stripped from store shelves.

Pokemon card scalper destroys Walmart shelf

The troubling situation was first shared on the r/PokemonTCG forum by collector ‘myorm’. After months of Walmart not stocking Pokemon cards, the user discovered their store’s new products had been torn to shreds – literally.

“Finally found Pokémon cards at Walmart!” the fan wrote sarcastically alongside an image of the mayhem. In the picture included, we see several TCG blister packs completely ripped apart with only the Energy cards left behind.

In a separate comment, myorm further explained, “This mastermind had a lot of time. Open Alakazam boxes and deck boxes ripped from the bottom. So they had 3-5 minutes. Jumbo cards were missing as well, so I will have to give them props for stealing those as well.”

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The scene shocked many fans of the Nintendo hobby who were floored by the lengths greedy sellers would go to try to score rare products. Many took the forum to share their disgust over the hectic scene.

“What the f**k is wrong with people…” a user wrote in disbelief.  Another fan angrily wrote, “This aggravates me more than an empty shelf. These people are the scum that accumulates.”

One collector simply exclaimed, “Some people are just pure trash.”

Pokemon TCG fans shocked by scalper carnage

Shockingly, several users detailed experiencing similar chaos at their stores, with some fans even witnessing adult scalpers tearing shelves apart as they fought for products. For many, the viral post is just another example of the sad state the Trading Card Game is in due to greedy sellers.

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As of August 2021, The Pokemon Company has started to take steps to combat the mass chaos. Sword & Shield expansions as well as older sets have been getting re-prints and are being sold at retail to undercut the absurd prices that exploded on sites like eBay and Amazon.