Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith expansion preview: Pikachu gets 10/10 VMAX card

Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith Pikachi VMAXThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon TCG’s Crown Zenith expansion includes many special collector sets, and the VMAX Pikachu Special Collection is an absolute must-have for fans.

Pokemon TCG players are in the process of saying goodbye to the Gen 8 Sword & Shield era of the card game. Filled with beautiful V, VMAX, and VSTAR cards, as well as a slew of captivating full-arts depicting Pokemon and iconic characters, the expansion has been exceedingly popular with fans of the franchise. Because of this, the Crown Zenith card list is a bittersweet send-off.

So far, Pokemon TCG players have already gotten a taste of Crown Zenith‘s collection with the release of the Lucario-themed Elite Trainer boxes, Regieleki V Collection, and Regidrago V Collection. The Elite Trainer boxes included a full-art Lucatio VSTAR card, as well as card sleeves, dice, and dividers.

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Next up, players will be able to collect the Crown Zenith Mini Tins and the Pikachu VMAX Special Collection starting February 17, 2023. Dexerto was given a preview of the collection, and it holds what could be one of the best Pikachu cards of the Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield expansion.

Pokemon SwSh Crown Zenith TCG ExpansionThe Pokemon Company
Crown Zenith will be the last set integrated into Pokemon TCG Online.

An Extra big Pokemon TCG Pikachu VMAX card shows of the detail

The first thing players will likely be looking for when checking out the Pikachu VMAX Special Collection are the number of booster packs. Because Crown Zenith doesn’t come in booster boxes, these packs are a valuable aspect of the collector sets. Below is everything that is included in the Pokemon TCG Pikachu VMAX Special Collection.

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  • x1 Pikachu VMAX etched foil promo card
  • x1 Pikachu V foil promo card
  • x1 Pimachu VMAX oversized promo card
  • x5 Crown Zenith booster packs
  • x1 Pokemon TCG live code card

However, when previewing the set, it was easy to forget about the booster packs when looking at the Pikachu VMAX card that comes with the set.

Unlike the plastic-looking Pikachu VMAX originally released in Vivid Voltage, or the Trainer Gallery Pikachu VMAX focused primarily on Red, this card has a sketchy, illustrative quality. The vibrant colors make the foil background pop, and Pikachu’s charged tail stands out as a focal point instead of getting lost behind its chubby body. The oversized card is easily one of the best aspects of the set, offering a more detailed look at the beautiful artwork.

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Fans of Pikachu, Pikachu art, or the oversized cards will have a true collector item in the Pokemon TCG Pikachu VMAX Special Collection, making it one of the most exciting items to release as part of the Crown Zenith expansion so far.