Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith Review: A shining send-off

Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith Review Zacian VSTAR Zamzenta VSTARThe Pokemon Company

As the Sword & Shield Pokemon TCG era comes to a close, the Crown Zenith expansion is both an exciting addition and a shining finish to a fantastic run for the tabletop. From VSTAR mechanics to stunning artwork – there is something for everyone.

The Sword & Shield era of the Pokemon TCG is coming to a close, and the transition to the Scarlet & Violet expansion is bittersweet for fans of the Galar and Hisui regions. After several years of stunning full-art cards, VMAX moves, and high-stakes battles, the Sword & Shield expansion will be sent off with one last stunning set – Crown Zenith.

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With a card list 240 entries long, Crown Zenith will offer plenty for Pokemon TCG fans to collect. Within the set, 170 of these cards will make up the base list, while also including a Galarian Gallery of 70 cards featuring Pokemon primarily from Galar and Hisui.

The Pokemon Company has provided Dexerto with a Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box, Regieleki V Collection box, and Galarian Moltres tin in order to review this set, and all the cards and extra items it has to offer.

The Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith ETB is packed full

Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith ETBThe Pokemon Company
The Crown Zenith TCG comes with a Lucario VSTAR promo

The first thing Pokemon TCG fans will note when cracking open their Crown Zenith ETB is that it is packed full of goodies. 10 booster packs come alongside the Energy Card bundle, Dice, coin, acrylic status markers, VSTAR marker, separators, Lucario VSTAR promo, and a set of Lucario card sleeves.

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While not metal, the dice are a stunning, mottled yellow that matches the Lucario theme of the box. Additionally, the sleeves are reminiscent of the early Shining Fates boxes, with an excellent texture that isn’t too slippery to shuffle or grip. They feel sturdy, which is a big plus for anyone who is rough on their decks.

The shining star of this set is the Lucario VSTAR etched promo card. Featuring a full-art image of Lucario looking directly at the player, it is definitely worth the cost of the box. The texture of the etching gives the card a high-quality feel, and its separate wrapping allows fans to hang onto it as a collection piece, or bust it out and get playing.

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Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith’s Regieleki V Collection is small and cute

Regieleki V Collection Crown Zenith Pokemon TCGThe Pokemon Company
The Regieleki V Crown Zenith collection celebrates a cute Legendary Pokemon

Regieleki was first introduced in the Pokemon Sword & Shield video game expansion, The Crown Tundra. The quirky Electric/Dragon-type is adorable, and seeing a full set for the Legendary and its companion Regidrago is fantastic for fans of the DLC.

This set is perfect for players wanting to run Regieleki V in any of their decks, as it comes with the promo Regieleki V card as part of the collection. In addition, players also receive a standard holo of Regidrago, as well as a super-sized version of the Regieleki V. Unfortunately, the set only comes with four Crown Zenith boosters, so this set may not be the best choice for those hoping to access a large number of packs.

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The Crown Zenith Galalrian Moltres tin is perfect for collectors

Pokemon Crown Zenith Galarian Moltres tinThe Pokemon Company
The Galarian Moltres tin comes with a full art promo

While both the Crown Zenith ETB and Regieleki V Collection will release on January 20, 2023, the Galarian Legendary Bird tins aren’t planned for release until March 17, 2023. However, the sneak peek for this review shows plenty for players to be excited about.

The first thing fans will notice when picking up the tins, are the stunning Full Art promos fixed in the transparent window. Looking at the Galarian Moltres tin, the card inside is slick and beautifully finished. The unique art shows the bird in the air, in stark contrast to the bright, blue foil of the background.

In addition to the promo and collectible tin, players will also receive five Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith booster packs gently fitted under the lid.

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Crown Zenith offers fantastic pulls similar to Shining Fates

Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith Booster Pack PullsThe Pokemon Company
Review pulls for Pokemon TCG’s Crown Zenith

Players who open the Crown Zenith booster packs will find pulls similar to other special sets like Shining Fates. In the packs received through the sets for this review, we pulled a Radiant Charizard, Zamzenta VSTAR, Mewtwo VSTAR. Radiant Eternatus, and the Full Art of Gardenia’s Vigor among many other fantastic cards.

All the cards pulled are stiff and have good weight, with vibrant illustrations. The quality is above other recent sets like Lost Origins, which felt a bit thin and wobbly.


The Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith expansion is definitely the quality send-off Gen 8 fans need. The stunning gallery of standard and special cards makes for exciting pulls in most booster packs, while each collection offers spotlights on Legendary Pokemon that make the set stand out.

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While it will be tough to say goodbye to Galar, the next few months of Crown Zenith releases will help bittersweet fans transition into the next era of the popular tabletop.