Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players getting emotional over Arceus Easter egg

pokemon scarlet violet professor laventon headerThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans have spotted a Pokemon Legends Arceus Easter egg that left some fans with mixed emotions.

There is quite a lot to discover in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, thanks to the large size of the game’s open-world environment.

However, those trainers who have returned to Mesagoza city after their journey began and visited either Naranja or Uva academy once again may have made a few discoveries of their own.

Notably, taking History lessons with Ms. Raifort reveals a pretty fitting Pokemon Legends Arceus Easter Egg which left some players feeling a bit conflicted about its implications.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans find Legends Arceus Easter egg

A post on the Pokemon subreddit from user Green_Tea_Totaler gained traction after they made a post about an Easter egg found at the academy in Mesagoza city.

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The original poster said, “So I was taking Raifort’s history class and noticed a familiar face on her board: Professor Laventon! I was like, ‘I see what they did there!'”

Sure enough, players who take Ms. Raifort’s history class can eventually stumble across the Easter egg for themselves. Not only can they see Professor Laventon, but they can also see Hisuian Pokeballs and a picture of Jubilife Village as well.

This is incredibly fitting considering Ms. Raifort teaches history, and Pokemon Legends Arceus is set in the distant past and focuses on the player helping the citizens of Jubilife Village establish what would eventually become the modern-day Sinnoh region.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players getting emotional over Arceus easter eggThe Pokemon Company
Fittingly, players can spot Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Professor Laventon on the board during Ms. Raifort’s History lessons.

Unfortunately, this Easter egg naturally comes with some somber implications, as pointed out in the original Reddit post. “…then it hit me: Professor Laventon is dead, and he has been for hundreds(?) of years.”

They go on to explain, “It’s a little saddening that we’ll never get to meet him again or have a meal with him unless we get another game set waaaay in the past.”

Naturally, because Pokemon Legends Arceus is set in the distant past and the modern-day Scarlet & Violet reference it, this confirms that Professor Laventon was a real professor who lived his life in Hisui.

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While Professor Laventon may be gone, this Easter egg also puts into perspective just how much groundwork he laid for not only the Sinnoh region but the concept of the Pokedex as a whole. So while trainers may be sad that Professor Laventon is gone, his legacy still lives on through Mr. Jacq’s Pokedex in Scarlet & Violet.