Pokemon Fans are still crazy about Scarlet & Violet’s Lechonk

Laura Gray
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Lechonk Most Popular

A new social media post from The Pokemon Company confirms Lechonk is one of the most popular Scarlet & Violet Pokemon revealed so far, and fans are ready to add it to their teams.

New regions are an excellent time for Pokemon game developers to introduce swathes of new species. While Scarlet & Violet are still a few months away from the planned November 18 release date, trailers and social media posts have given fans a look at what’s next for the series.

In one of the earliest trailers, players were introduced to the unique pig Pokemon found exclusively in the upcoming Paldea region. Lechonk immediately grabbed the attention of fans worldwide with its adorable name, round little body, and emotionally intense expressions.

However, as new trailers have revealed Pokemon like Cyclizar and Pawmi, some may wonder if Lechonk’s popularity has waned. A new social media post indicates quite the opposite.

In a tweet shared by the official Pokemon Twitter account, players were asked “Raise your hand if you’ll definitely be adding Lechonk to your Pokédex in #PokemonScarletViolet”, followed by a short video of Lechonk’s Pokedex entry image.

Unsurprisingly, the comments have blown up, with fan responses broadcasting a love for the little Pokemon. PlushSobble has responded with “My boi forever”, accompanied by an adorable drawing of Lechonk, Paldean Wooper, and Fuecoco.

LadyKubia added “I made a fun Lechonk friend for people to use on their streams!”, with a visual of the perfectly modeled Lechonk following the excited comment.

Currently, Scarlet & Violet updates haven’t revealed what Lechonk will evolve into. Many are nervous the adorable Pokemon will get the “ugly” effect upon evolution, and that it will receive a harsh or upsetting design similar to Purugly or Incineroar.

Hopefully, Lechonk will get an adequately cute evolution in the coming updates for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – and if not, there are always Everstones.