Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leaked Floette form sparks X & Y DLC rumors

pokemon scarlet violet floette leak

A recent update to Pokemon HOME has led to a leaked Gen 9 sprite of an unreleased Floette form, and players think it confirms Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s DLC will focus on the Kalos region of X & Y.

Since leakers like RidderlKhu have “confirmed” there to be DLC in development for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, players have been chomping at the bit for any new info hinting at what the game expansion could entail.

From in-game hints like the third Legendary and two additional Paradox Pokemon found in the red books to theory crafting potential crossovers with the Kalos region, trainers are more than ready for any official DLC news.

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However, a recent update for the companion app Pokemon HOME may have spilled the tea on at least a portion of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s future content.

Pokemon HOME update leaks Scarlet & Violet Floette form

On February 1, the 2.1.0 update for Pokemon HOME was released. It didn’t make the game compatible with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, but it did load up the app with new sprites for the Gen 9 Pokemon.

A sheet of new Gen 9 sprites was posted to Twitter by pory_leeks. Players were quick to point out that the sprite sheet included Pokemon you couldn’t obtain in modern games, such as Mega Evolutions and Ash Greninja. But eagle-eyed players spotted a sixth Floette form that isn’t obtainable in any game, modern or old.

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This form is known as Eternal Flower Floette and was found in the files and a cutscene in Pokemon X & Y but was never distributed to players. And since it has appeared with Pokemon HOME’s Gen 9 update, players suspect it will finally be obtainable in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Eternal Flower Floette belonged to AZ, one of the side characters in Pokemon X & Y. It is said to be stronger than all other Floette but weaker than Florges. It can’t evolve or breed, and there’s currently no way to obtain it legitimately.

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That said, players are theorizing that Eternal Flower Floette is a Paradox Pokemon set to star in Scarlet & Violet’s rumored DLC. One player pointed out that EF Floette received a “Pokedex pose” in Gen 7 but still wasn’t made available.

We will just have to wait and see what Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s DLC has in store to truly know if Eternal Flower Floette will finally become a reality.