Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players desperate for better Post-Game DLC

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are frustrated with a lack of content in the post-game, with many hoping the Battle Tower or Battle Facility to be added in potential future DLC.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have had a busy first few months of Gen 9. Between battling various Gym Leaders, taking on Titans, and tackling Team Star, early gameplay offers limitless options for a trainer’s journey.

However, those who rushed through early gameplay to access the Seven-Star Tera Raids, which only become available after completing the post-game, are finding themselves without much to do. Currently, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet don’t have a Battle Tower or any other post-game challenges, and this leaves Shiny hunting and Tera Raids as the main focus points.

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While these challenges can be fun, Gen 9 players are beginning to vocalize a desire for additional end-game goals, and are hopeful something may be added in potential future DLC.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players are ready for DLC

In a Twitter post by Pory_Leeks, the player shares their frustration with the Gen 9 post-game, stating: “We need to get some battle facilities like a battle tower or something in the Pokémon Scarlet/Violet DLC. The base game was lacking in the post-game department tbh. Trainer cameos from other regions would be nice for world-building as well. The school tournament wasn’t enough.”

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans in the comments have eagerly agreed, with one sharing, “Imagine Red and Blue returning for the first time since Gen 7 (Yes I know they’re in LGPE and Masters, I meant them as Adults in the main games)” and another adding, “Due to the focus on competitive we are having since gen8, it is not too farfetched a BF returning to act as a preparing area for competitors. I mean, diminish the number of battles from 49 to 3, and use AIs trained with past battle recordings from tournaments (not hard nowadays).”

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Other players point out that the post-game needs additional story, and more accessibility, with one player commenting, “The game desperately needs three things: a Battle Tower, a Linear Mode, and being able to unlock the post-game by doing only one of the three paths (leave the Area Zero epilogue for some silly reward like a Shiny Charm).”

Currently, there hasn’t been an official confirmation that DLC is planned for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, but after the success of the DLC Expansion Pass with Sword & Shield, it seems likely Gen 9 will receive a similar feature. DLC could be the solution to keeping players invested in Paldea for the next several years.

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