Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players convinced this professor is a DLC villain

pokemon professor

Players are convinced that one of the professors at Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s academy is the villain of the game’s rumored DLC because of a rather odd in-game conversation.

While Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players take on the role of students, the Academy is almost entirely optional thanks to Paldea’s loose truancy laws and the school’s unschooling-esque curriculum.

This allows players to “explore all Paldea has to offer” without restricting classroom environments, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your study on. In fact, there are several courses players can take at the Academy that also introduce its faculty and staff.

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Sadly, this is the only way to get to know the majority of the Academy’s teachers as they aren’t prominent throughout the main story. And while they do offer helpful tips and items, some seemingly hide dark secrets that could unfold at a later date.

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What is Raifort hiding?

Of all the teachers at the academy, players have an eery suspicion toward Intructor Raifort. She is the Academy’s History Teacher and asks players to hunt down the the four memeber of the Legendary Ruinous Quartet. These are four Dark-type Pokemon that personify hatred, fear, and envy.

As if that weren’t a big enough red flag, Reddit user A-Bored-Man shared an unsettling conversation they had with Raifort after collecting all four beasts. She states that she would have caught the four Ruinous Pokemon to make them her own, but that someone with a pure heart had to do it.

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“There’s something about this whole interaction with Ms. Raifort about the Ruin pokémon that really gives me serious villain vibes,” A-Bored-Man stated. Raifort goes on to say she will allow the trainer to keep them for now, but that she is going to keep on eye on you.

Users in the comments potined out that she also gives the player the Nasty Plot TM as a reward. While this doesn’t seem like much at first, players pointed out that NPCs usually give TMs that are significant to their storyline (i.e. Facade from Larry & Draco Meteor from Penny).

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This led to players speculating that Raifort will star as the villain of the rumored Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC. While we don’t have any info about the DLC outside of “leaks,” many players have expressed they want to see more from the Academy’s instructors.