Iron Treads and Great Tusk announced for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raid event

Cassidy Stephenson
Iron Treads and Great Tusk Tera Raid announced

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have announced a 5-star Tera Raid for Paradox mons Great Tusk and Iron Treads.

For several 7-star Tera Raid events, Scarlet & Violet have introduced starters from past Pokemon games. For example, the Generation 9 titles have included Samurott, Decidueye, and Cinderace as obtainable mons. However, Scarlet & Violet have also added Tera Raids featuring Walking Wake and Iron Leaves.

Now, Paradox Pokemon Iron Treads and Great Tusk will briefly debut in 5-star Tera Raid Battles. Previously, trainers could find these mysterious Pokemon inside Area Zero towards the end of their playthroughs. Here’s everything we know about the limited-time event.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet add Paradox mons to Tera Raids

great tusk pokemon scarlet violet

Twitter user SerebiiNet confirmed Great Tusk would arrive in Scarlet and Iron Treads in Violet. The Paradox Pokemon will be available in 5-star Tera Raids and take on multiple Tera Types. Since they will be 5-star and not 7-star, the Pokemon will not have the Mightiest Mark.

The Great Tusk and Iron Treads Tera Raid will run from 00:00 UTC on May 19 through 23:59 UTC on May 21, 2023. The event will take place at the same time as the repeat of the 7-star Chesnaught Tera Raid.

On May 7, Scarlet & Violet revealed Chesnaught would take on a Rock Tera-type in its 7-star Raid. The Pokemon is the final evolution of the Grass-type starter Chespin in the Generation 6 games. While Chesnaught’s first round of Tera Raid has ended, it will repeat during Iron Treads and Great Tusk’s time frame.

7-star Tera Raids in Scarlet & Violet can be challenging for some players. To find out the best strategy to defeat Chesnaught, check out our article for ideal movesets.

However, trainers could always try one user’s insane Magikarp strat. The aforementioned player and their teammates took out Chesnaught with just one move. Here’s the story of how they did it.

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