Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan demolishes 7-star Chesnaught with Magikarp

Philip Trahan
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A skilled Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer devised a strategy to knock out 7-star Chesnaught using Generation 1’s weakest Pokemon: Magikarp.

With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s first wave of 7-star Chesnaught Tera Raids coming to a close on May 14, 2023, fans are trying to get in as many wins as possible to get some great rewards.

There are a lot of strong counters trainers can use in Chesnaught’s Tera Raids, like Annihilape, Gholdengo, and even Appletun, who can knock the Starter Pokemon out in one move.

However, one trainer achieved an impressive feat by using a team built around Generation 1’s flailing fish, Magikarp, to defeat Chesnaught with its own strength.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer KOs 7-star Chesnaught with Magikarp

The strategy comes from a Reddit user named Nommable123, who posted a video of the Tera Raid on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit.

According to the OP, they used a team of Mismagius, Perrserker, Sylveon, and Magikarp with a Fairy Tera-typing. The other three Pokemon are mainly there for support, while Magikarp served as the primary damage dealer.

To begin this knockout plan, Syleon used Charm and Mismagius used Willow-O-Wisp and Defense Cheer, to both lower Chesnaught’s Attack stat and improve the team’s Defense.

Next, Mismagius and Perrserker used Screech two times each to lower Chesnaught’s Defense to -6, as it will always use Iron Defense at the start of the Tera Raid.

From there, Syleon used Misty Terrain and Perrserker used Swagger three times on Magikarp. Misty Terrain prevented Magikarp from getting confused by Swagger while keeping its +6 Attack boost.

With Magikarp’s boosted Attack stat, it used Flail three times on Perrserk to build up Metronome damage and its Tera Raid charge, which is key to actually taking down Chesnaught.

With that down, Sylveon used Skill Swap, Attack Cheer, and Helping Hand on Magikarp to further boost its damage, while Perrserker used False Swipe on Magikarp to lower it to one HP. Mismagius then used Wonder Room to swap Chesnaught’s Defense stat and Special Defense stat, as it has much higher base Defense.

Finally, Magikarp Terastalized to a Fairy-type and knocked out Chesnaught in a single hit with Flail.

This isn’t the first time this trainer has successfully used Magikarp to take on a 7-star Tera Raid, but the planning involved remains just as impressive each time around. Trainers can click through the full Reddit post here to see a more in-depth breakdown of the strategy used.

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