Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC Legendary was right in front of us the whole time

Philip Trahan
pokemon scarlet violet terapagos header

An interesting Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan theory may have revealed that Terapagos, one of the new DLC Legendary Pokemon, has much bigger ties to Paldea than originally thought.

The Pokemon Company recently revealed that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet would be getting two waves of DLC through the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero expansion coming in 2023.

The reveal teased two brand new Legendary Pokemon trainers will encounter during the DLC. The first wave will feature Ogerpon, while the second will focus on Terapagos.

Now, new fan theories have started to spiral around Terapagos in particular, as some fans have discovered that its design might have actually been hidden in plain sight across the Paldea region.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s mind-blowing Terapagos fan theory

The theory gained traction thanks to the astute observation from Twitter user Mootmonthly, who posted an image of the Paldea region with the caption, “uhhhh bros? the new pokemon sv legendary might be a BIT bigger than we thought…”

The image itself outlined the official artwork of the entire region, which looks strikingly similar to Terapagos’ overall shape and design. In fact, trainers can clearly see the Pokemon’s head and furry frills near the front of the region’s terrain.

While Terapgos itself was specifically teased in the Scarlet and Violet books present in the game, similar to Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, its entry was vague enough not to give away any major hints about its relation to Paldea.

Other fans ran with the theory as well and expanded upon it in their own ways. “Not my observation but the third legendary is referred as ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ in the game. So, ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️ could be Paldea.” Another trainer responded to this speculation and noted, “maybe it’s a similar situation to Sinnoh referring to Dialga and Palkia before being used to refer to the region itself, maybe it had such a deep connection with Paldea that it was originally called Paldea itself.

Terapagos’ name and design certainly lend themselves to this theory, with the root word “Tera” or “Terra,” being both the Latin word for Earth and the Roman goddess representing Earth. Terapagos’ design could also be based on the World Turtle, which is a common image in mythology that suggests a giant turtle carried the world on its back.

Only time will tell if this theory ends up being correct, but there is certainly a lot of evidence that Terapagos has some massive ties to the Paldea region as a whole.