Pokemon reveals exclusive 2023 World Championship commemorative TCG coin set

Philip Trahan
pokemon tcg worlds coin set

The Pokemon Company has revealed an exclusive 2023 World Championship coin set, complete with metal damage counters, a VSTAR marker, and collectible Pikachu coins.

The 2023 Pokemon World Championship is right around the corner, with this year’s event taking place in Yokohama, Japan.

The top competitors from around the world will be competing in games like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Unite, and the TCG.

The Pokemon Company has revealed that fans who attend the event in Japan can pick up an exclusive commemorative TCG coin set, complete with special Pikachu decals, metal damage counters, and more.

Pokemon reveals exclusive 2023 World Championship TCG merch

According to a post on Pokemon’s official Worlds website, there will be Pokemon Center pop-up shops around the event where players can purchase this exclusive 2023 World Championship coin set.

Each set comes in two separate boxes, with each box featuring two different commemorative coins depicting Pikachu in special Worlds art. One coin will feature Pikachu eating a bowl of Ramen while the other shows Pikachu wearing a hat and posing in front of the Yokohama skyline.

Each box includes metal damage counters and VSTAR markers, so fans can celebrate the 2023 season in style.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear just how much these two commemorative coin sets will cost, but judging by the build quality and presentation, they likely won’t be cheap.

This isn’t the first time that Pokemon has launched exclusive merch only available to those who attended Worlds. Unfortunately, fans who miss out may have to contend with scalpers later on similar to the limited Beefeater Pikachu plush from Worlds 2022.

It’s also unclear just how fast these commemorative coin sets will sell out at the Yokohama venue itself, so fans attending Worlds 2023 who want to purchase this coin set for themselves should do so as soon as possible.