Pokemon fans praise “gorgeous” 2023 World Championship animation

Philip Trahan
pokemon world championship animation girl header

The Pokemon Company has released a special animation ahead of the 2023 Pokemon World Championship and fans can’t help but praise it.

The 2023 Pokemon World Championship set in Yokohama, Japan is right around the corner with the massive event set to begin on August 11, 2023.

Fans of competitive Pokemon can watch the top trainers from all around the world compete in games like Scarlet & Violet, the Pokemon TCG, Pokemon Go, and Pokemon Unite.

To drum up even more hype ahead of the Championship, The Pokemon Company has released a special animation, and fans were left stunned by the “gorgeous” animation quality on display.

Pokemon fans love 2023 World Championship animation

The official Pokemon YouTube channel released a special animation ahead of the 2023 World Championship event. The animation itself is a minute long and centers around a young trainer headed to Yokohama, Japan to compete in the event with a group of friends.

When the friends compete on stage, their matches transform into the battles of the video games themselves, with Pokemon Go, the TCG, Pokemon Unite, and finally Scarlet & Violet.

The animation ends with the young trainer up on stage after her match, as she throws her stuffed Pikachu plushie up in the air only for it to transform into an actual Pikachu.

Fans on social media praised the beautiful animation quality of the short. “This is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what we have in store. I hope Meowscarada makes finals just for this LOL,” said one trainer in reference to Meowscarada’s appearance in the Scarlet & Violet section.

Another fan praised the attention to detail, noting many of the Pokemon depicted in use were “meta” in their respective games. “I have and always will say that Pokemon truly has the greatest art department of the entire world, it’s insane how competitors have actually influenced their games so much that these meta Pokemon are being professionally animated in an incredibly charming style.”

Those trainers excited for the 2023 World Championship event won’t have to wait much longer, and they can follow our article here as the event gets closer to keep up with the competition each day.