Pokemon Horizons fans theorize Ash has already made a cameo appearance

Philip Trahan
pokemon horizons anime ash

As fans of the Pokemon anime know, the new series, Pokemon Horizons, follows the two new protagonists Liko and Roy. However, some eagle-eyed viewers wondered if Ash Ketchum made a surprise cameo in a recent episode.

During episode 19 of Part 2 on Netflix, there is a brief flashback sequence showing the Rising Volt Tackler’s Murdock and his rival Mitchell running a pastry shop.

For a brief moment, fans can see a young boy with black hair and his mother ordering from Murdock at the counter. The boy’s mother has auburn hair and is carrying a Mime Jr. in her bag.

While viewers don’t get a glimpse of the family’s face, some eager fans on social media were quick to theorize that this was a cameo from a young Ash Ketchum and his mother Deliah, considering it was a flashback.

Unfortunately for those wishing to see Ash return in Pokemon Horizons, many Pokemon fans took to the comments to debunk the theory and said that Mime Jr. may have been the smoking gun.

“Mr. Mime joined Ash’s family as a Mr. Mime, not a Mine Jr. It’s a coincidence,” argued one viewer. This is true, as in the 64th overall episode of the anime, called “It’s Mr. Mime Time,” Delia mistakes the Pokemon for Ash in a costume. The young trainer then catches Mr. Mime off-screen.

Still, Pokemon Horizon viewers were convinced this was done intentionally. “It is not them but it was done intentionally,” claimed one Reddit user, while another said, “An allusion, but not them. Unfortunately, as I think a Mime Jr. would be a cool origin for Mimey.”

The news that Ash Ketchum would officially be leaving the Pokemon anime sent waves through the community when the news was first revealed.

While it has been an adjustment, the reception to the new protagonists Liko and Roy, as well as the Pokemon Horizons series as a whole, has been fairly positive.