Is Ash Ketchum in Pokemon Horizons?

Scott Baird
Is Ash Ketchum in Pokemon Horizons?

The Pokemon Horizons series left Ash Ketchum behind, but has the anime’s original protagonist returned to show the new kids how it’s done?

Ash Ketchum was the main character of the Pokemon franchise from 1997 to 2023. This was an absurdly long tenure, caused by the franchise’s exploding popularity and forcing the boy to keep visiting new regions alongside the release of each mainline game.

In the Pokemon Journeys series, Ash defeated Leon to become the best in the world. This was a fitting end for the character as the series concluded with him going on another adventure, one that we don’t get to see.

This wasn’t the end for the animated series, as a new anime called Pokemon Horizons took its place. Pokemon Horizons follows Liko and Roy as they go on adventures around the Paldea region.

Does Ash Ketchum appear in Pokemon Horizons?

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Ash has yet to appear in Pokemon Horizons. The two series are still disconnected, except for the fact that they’re set in the Pokemon world.

Fans have theorized that Ash and his mother had a cameo in one episode, but it’s likely that this was just an Easter Egg and not meant to be an actual crossover, as the appearance of the Mime Jr. means that it wouldn’t fit into the timeline of the original series.

However, Pokemon Horizons is still very early into its run, so there’s plenty of time for Ash to make a cameo. It was revealed in an interview with Variety that an Ash return was still on the table. though the focus is currently on Liko and Roy.

Chances are a crossover between Ash, Liko, and Roy would happen in a Pokemon movie, assuming The Pokemon Company decides to continue making them.

There’s also a chance that Ash could join the main cast of Pokemon Horizons at some point, possibly if the show underperforms compared to its predecessor, but it’s still way too early to say whether this is the case.

The Pokemon Company has left the door open for an Ash return, and there’s a good chance he will have some kind of crossover with the Pokemon Horizons crew at some point. Right now, the new characters need some time to develop their personalities and story, and Ash’s presence would distract from that.

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