Pokemon Horizons revives ‘Ash’s Coma’ theory with new main character Liko

pokemon horizons liko coma

Liko’s Pokemon adventure recently kicked off in the all-new Pokemon Horizons anime, but fans have resurrected a popular theory from Ash’s adventure and applied it to the new series.

Pokemon Horizon’s started off much like the original Pokemon anime did in 1997. Viewers were introduced to a young protagonist who had yet to obtain their first Pokemon. Liko, the series’ main character, chose one of the leftover Pokemon – a Sprigatito – that quickly found itself up to no good.

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In fact, during the first and second episodes of Pokemon Horizons, Liko found herself in dangerous situations thanks to her mischievous starter. And on more than one occasion, Liko fell from great heights only to be saved by conveniently placed Pokemon.

However, Liko’s high-flying stunt reminded viewers of Ash’s adventure and how he was put in danger by his own starter, Pikachu. And it also revived a long-standing theory that fans have started to apply to Pokemon Horizons.

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Ash’s Coma theory becomes Likp’s Coma theory

About halfway through the first Pokemon Horizons episode, Liko falls from the top of her school building. While it’s not shown at first, Liko and her Sprigatito land on the soft belly of a slumbering Snorlax, conveniently taking zero damage from the fall.

But one fan on Reddit found that too convenient. Instead, user GlobinGoblin shared their own theory. With a still frame from the fall, OP wrote, “Liko crashed into the ground here. The rest of the series from this point is her being in a coma.”

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However, fans of the Pokemon anime immediately recognized the theory as a bootlegged version of the ‘Ash’s Coma’ theory. This is a popular theory that claims Ash was put into a coma after being shocked by Pikachu when they first met. Everything that unfolded afterward was made up in his head, which would explain why he never aged.

And it’s a bit more believable with Liko’s situation as the episode drastically picks up its pace following the fall from the building. Liko finds herself adjacent to a building where an intense battle is taking place and even leaps from the top of a tower, only to be saved by a mythical Pokemon.

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But like the Ash’s Coma theory, Liko likely did survive the fall unharmed and remained conscious the whole time. Although, we could see the new protagonist wake up from her theorized slumber in 20 years. Only time will tell.

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