UK fans can watch Pokemon Horizons on BBC iPlayer very soon

Nathan Ellingsworth
Key art for Pokemon Horizons shows the young girl Liko with her Pokemon Sprigatito, and a young boy called Roy with a Fuecoco and a Quaxly

British fans of the Pokemon Anime finally know when they can watch the adventures of Liko and Roy, as Pokemon Horizons: The Series heads to BBC iPlayer.

The original Pokemon anime started all the way back in the 90s, and after hundreds of episodes and a small army of Pokemon caught, the adventures of Ash Ketchum recently came to an end as he fulfilled his dream and became a Pokemon Champion.

Of course the Pokemon franchise marches on, and after tying up the original series with a neat bow the Pokemon franchise is back on our screens with Pokemon Horizons, a refresh starring new characters Liko and Roy.

Pokemon Horizons explores regions all across the Pokemon world, including Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Paldea, as protagonist Liko journeys alongside a Sprigatito, while her friend Roy’s Pokemon is the fire-type Fuecoco. But while it is currently airing in Japan, British Pokemon fans have been left waiting for any official word on when or where this anime might be aired – and now it’s finally here.

Pokemon Horizons: The Series set to debut in the UK on BBC iPlayer

Text reads "Pokemon Horizons: The Series. Coming December. BBC iPlayer." The text is bright and colourful, appearing against a background of a blue cloudy sky

As announced by the Pokemon UK Twitter account, Pokemon Horizons: The Series is set to debut on BBC iPlayer this December 2023. The announcement was also given a brief reveal trailer, with some new clips from the upcoming series.

Eager fans may already be watching the Japanese episodes of Pokemon Horizons: The Series, but the UK launch on BBC iPlayer sees the debut of the English dub in the region, and also offers a convenient way to access the episodes.

Seeing The Pokemon Company push to air these episodes on the BBC seems to accentuate a renewed push for the franchise and the series. Alongside the continued popularity of Pokemon Go, the huge sales of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and rumors of a new Pokemon movie, it’s clear The Pokemon Company is focusing on bringing the franchise to a new generation of gamers.

While many fans will miss the adventures of Ash Ketchum, a chance for a fresh start is a fantastic opportunity for newer fans to jump aboard the Pokemon hype train.