Pokemon Go’s ‘Nightmare Pikachu’ is the perfect Halloween gift

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Pokemon Go freaky Pikachu

Pokemon Go fans have been treated to the ultimate early Halloween gift as a Pokestop of a children’s ride featuring a “Nightmare Pikachu” has gone viral.

There’s no shortage of content in PoGo in late 2021, with a Season of Mischief adventure to follow that’s building towards two Halloween Mischief event. This will be broken up into two parts, called Creepy Companions and Ghoulish Pals – where players will get the chance to evolve Galarian Slowbro for the first time.

However, the game’s community has started to roll out its own scary surprises beforehand.

Sometimes when you spin a Pokestop in Pokemon Go you’ll get a gift you can send to other players, which they can then open up for items. It also gives a snapshot of the stop the gift came from.

Pokemon Go ‘Nighmare Pikachu’ Pokestop goes viral

One particular location outside of Sydney, Australia, is seriously freaking players out just in time for the spooky season. 

Literally called “Nightmare Pikachu,” this Pokestop is actually a children’s ride somewhere in the Sydney suburb of Cabramatta. But, the off-brand ‘Mon has appeared before, becoming an online meme alongside the likes of Koala Mario (who is equally as disturbing).

The post has racked up over 7,200 upvotes at the time of writing.


The ears definitely look like Pika, but that face does not. The mouth is lacking any teeth, and there are two disturbingly realistic nostrils instead of just a cute little dot.

The last time we checked Pikachu didn’t have a triple chin, either.

Australia isn’t the only place you can find it, though. Pictures of different versions with various base colors have appeared all over the internet. Go ahead and search “Pikachu Ride” as it should appear in some form or another as one of the top results. Whether or not it’s a Pokestop anywhere else though, is unknown.

Where did Nightmare Pikachu come from?

Apparently, Nightmare Pikachu comes direct from China, via a company named Zhongshan Lesgo Amusement Equipment Co.

Freaky Pikachu ride origins
Could we pay them to stop making this instead, please?

What’s more, if you actually want to own one of these monstrosities for whatever reason (we won’t ask), that’s actually a possibility.

It will burn a $440 hole in your pocket, but shipping and handling are not included in that price.

So if you thought the face alone was enough to scare people off, the price certainly will be! Nevertheless, this terrifying taster of Halloween content is the perfect pre-show for what’s to come in-game. Are you ready?

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