Pokemon Go stardust chart – How to get and maximize it

Published: 14/Aug/2019 11:38 Updated: 14/Aug/2019 12:00

by Paul Cot


Stardust is Pokemon Go gold and is a much needed resource in the game. We look at how much is needed to level up your Pokemon, and where you can get your hands on it.

How to get more stardust?

There are only six ways to get stardust in Pokemon Go:

  • Catch a Pokemon – 100 stardust
  • Completing a raid battle – 500 stardust
  • Research: Completing a stage of a quest and field research tasks – varies
  • Hatch an egg – varies
  • Feeding a berry to a gym defender – 20 stardust a time
  • Opening gifts – varies

The problem isn’t obtaining stardust, it’s doing so in large quantities. Catching a Pokemon, feeding berries to your gym defenders and even participating in raid battles are all easy tasks – but you need to do them a lot to gather all the stardust you need.

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What is stardust needed for?

The primary use for stardust in Pokemon Go is powering up your team. Anyone who has played Pokemon before will know getting stronger Pokemon is a huge part of the game.

There are two ways to make them stronger – use your stardust to level them up (there are 40 levels in Pokemon Go) and catch them at an already high level.

Elsewhere, since Team Rocket’s arrival in Pokemon Go, the purification process also requires stardust. The amount varies between 1,000 and 5,000 depending on the Pokemon you want to purify.

Stardust is also used for trading Pokemon – the better friends you are, with ultra being the highest, the less it costs.

When to power up your Pokemon?

The leveling up process in Pokemon Go isn’t what it seems, and you should know the numbers behind doing so before wasting precious stardust on it.

It costs exponentially more to level up higher level Pokemon while they benefit exponentially less the higher they are. In short, it’s much better to power up your Pokemon when they are a lower level.

There is also the trade off between powering up low level Pokemon and waiting to catch the same one at a higher level. This does get complicated however, as you do need to take into account Pokemon Go IVs.

This phenomenon can be seen in the chart below:

PokeAssistantChart showing the diminishing returns of using stardust to power up Pokemon (Credit: PokeAssistant)

The average level 25 Pokemon Go trainer can have anything up to 500,000 stardust. When you consider that it costs 270,000 to power up a Pokemon from level 1 to 40 it shows just how cautious you need to be with this scarce resource.

The diminishing returns of using stardust at higher levels can be shown with the following numerical example – powering up a Pokemon from level 30 to 40 will cost 150,000 stardust but only make it 8% stronger.

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Make the most of the stardust event

Right now, and until August 20, you can maximize your stardust even more. As a reward for completing the challenge tasks as part of the Pokemon Go Global Challenge there is an array of stardust bonuses:

  • 3x hatch bonus
  • 3x catch bonus
  • 3,000 stardust guaranteed per raid battle
  • 1 hour star pieces

Pokemon GO to celebrate series’ 25th anniversary with special Kanto event

Published: 1/Dec/2020 23:13

by Brent Koepp


According to reports, Pokemon GO is gearing up to celebrate the series’ upcoming 25th anniversary by going back to the Kanto region. The special event will be centered around the 1996 Japanese Game Boy games Red & Green.

Pokemon initially made its debut in 1996, and quickly became a worldwide phenomena. Decades later, the beloved Nintendo property has grown into an absolute juggernaut and has even become the highest-grossing media franchise of all time.

According to reports, the hit mobile title GO will honor the series upcoming 25th anniversary by going back to very first region, Kanto. The special event will have players choose between the groundbreaking Japanese RPGs Red & Green.

Photograph of Pokemon Red & Green's Game Boy box art from 1996.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon GO will celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary with a special themed event based on the 1996 RPGs.

Pokemon GO’s 25th anniversary celebration

While most of the world first played Pokemon in 1998, the series originally launched in Japan two years prior with the Game Boy titles Red and Green (instead of Blue). In 2021, the the franchise will officially reach its 25th anniversary.

So far, Nintendo has been tight-lipped about how it will celebrate the epic milestone, however reports have surfaced about how GO will honor its legacy. According to popular outlet Serebii, the mobile game will be launching a special themed event based around the Kanto region.

While there aren’t a lot of details known yet, the Pokemon site further revealed it will feature an interesting in-game mechanic. “In a single day, players pick either Pokemon Red or Green and get unique spawns  and Special Research based on on what they have picked and can interact to get all Pokemon,” they wrote.

Perhaps the most interesting part is that Trainers will reportedly be able to work with friends to catch all 151 original Pokemon in a single day – which sounds absolutely wild. According to Serebii’s Joe Merrick, there is currently no date for the Gen I celebration. “This event is likely the one Niantic teased for release in February. We don’t have the date for this one yet,” he tweeted.

Serebii's Joe Merrick tweets about Pokemon GO Kanto event.

At the time of writing, there has been no official confirmation as to when Trainers can expect the event to go live. However, since it’s tied to the 25th anniversary, February 2021 is probably a safe bet.

Despite releasing over two decades ago, players still can’t get enough of Pokemon’s addicting “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” design – proof that the franchise has never been more popular.