Pokemon Go Global Challenge: All challenge tasks completed – rewards incoming

Paul Cot

Niantic have announced the 2019 Pokemon Go Global Challenge, which will see trainers from across the world work alongside those attending the Pokemon Go Fest events this summer, in an attempt to earn as many rewards as possible.

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Update: Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama has now finished and trainers successfully completed each of their challenge tasks. This means all challenges were completed across each Go Fest event.

The Yokohama bonuses will be available from August 13 1pm PDT to August 20 1pm PDT and are as follows:

  • 3x catch stardust
  • Guaranteed 3,000 stardust per raid
  • 3x hatch stardust
  • 1 hour star pieces

In addition to this, as all challenges were completed, special bonus Suicune raid battles will be available on August 17, 4pm local time – and yes, if you’re lucky you could get a shiny!

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The event will be broken down into three separate challenges, each lasting the duration of the three upcoming Pokemon Go Fest events which are taking place in June, July and August. They are as follows:

  • Pokemon Go Fest Chicago, USA
  • Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund, Germany
  • Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama, Japan

Unlocked rewards are solely dependent on how many research tasks are completed, with attendees of the events having to complete a fraction that global trainers do.

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Teams come together

The narrative is all Pokemon Go trainers will put team allegiances aside and come together to complete the vast number of tasks required. In reality this is the best way to make sure all Pokemon Go players can participate during each event.

Last year’s event, which was very similar, saw trainers come together and complete all of the tasks. The same will be expected despite there being far more challenges to complete.

Global Challenge research tasks

The nature of the research tasks are yet to be revealed although they will likely be the usual throw three curve balls in a row or catch 10 type of x Pokemon variety.

Rewards won’t depend on specific tasks but the number of them that are completed. If trainers at both the events and around the globe hit the targets, the rewards will be made available. Those targets and rewards are as follows for each event.

Pokemon GoPokemon Go Fest Chicago iwas the first of three big live events over the summer…

Pokemon Go Fest Chicago

The Chicago challenge ran from June 13 9am PDT to June 16 5pm PDT.

Bonuses which were successfully unlocked were available from June 18 1pm PDT to June 25 1pm PDT.

If all bonuses are unlocked then Raikou will be available in raids at a time and date yet to be announced. There will also be a chance of encountering a shiny Raikou!

Number of research tasks to complete Rewards
Event attendees 1 million 2x catch candy
Team Instinct 15 million Guaranteed 1 rare candy per raid
Team Mystic 15 million 1/2 egg hatch distance
Team Valor 15 million 2x hatch candy
Pokemon GoA lot of fans have been left disappointed with the inability to get tickets for the events…

Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund

The Dortmund challenge ran from July 4 1am PDT to July 7 9am PDT.

Bonuses which are successfully unlocked were available from July 9 1pm PDT to July 16 1pm PDT.

Entei, and its shiny variant, were also available in raid battles as part of the rewards.

Number of research tasks to complete Rewards
Event attendees 1 million 3x catch XP
Team Instinct 15 million 1 hour lucky eggs
Team Mystic 15 million 3x hatch XP
Team Valor 15 million 2x raid XP
Pokemon GoPokemon Go trainers will have to wait until August for the Yokohama event…

Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama

The Yokohama challenge will run from August 5 6pm PDT to August 12 1am PDT.

Bonuses which are successfully unlocked will be available from August 13 1pm PDT to August 20 1pm PDT.

The bonus Pokemon this time will be Suicune, along with its shiny form, will be available in raids at a time and date yet to be announced.

Number of research tasks to complete Rewards
Event attendees 2 million 3x catch stardust
Team Instinct 25 million Guaranteed 3,000 stardust per raid
Team Mystic 25 million 3x hatch stardust
Team Valor 25 million 1 hour star pieces

Last updated 11:24 ET, August 12, 2019