Pokemon Go Shadow Force move glitch leads to inappropriate-looking battles

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A Shadow Force move glitch in Pokemon Go causes Tyranitar and Giratina to engage in an inappropriate-looking battle.

As a Ghost-type move, the Shadow Force skill can deal upwards of 140 damage. It’s exclusive to Giratina (Altered and Origin forms), though, meaning not every Pokemon can put the move to use against Ghost and Psychic opponents.

The Legendary pocket monster can prove plenty formidable without relying on Shadow Force when engaging in combat. Still, it’s an ability that Pokemon Go players like to lean on for its damage-dealing power.

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However, one user recently learned that Girantina’s special attack can lead to unfortunate happenings under certain circumstances.

Pokemon Go’s Shadow Force glitch “breaks” a gym battle

A clip of a glitched gym battle between Girantina and Tyranitar is currently making the rounds on Reddit. Notably, Twitter user genkiwastaken originally shared footage of the bug in response to a post from poke_miner.

But it’s what the bug causes to happen on screen that’s garnering the most attention. When Girantina launches its Shadow Force ability against Tyranitar, the pair wind up engaging in what can only be described as bizarre Pokemon humping.

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Even when the characters sink beneath the world and reappear on the field shortly thereafter, the weird… dance continues unabated.

Of course, Redditors are having a field day with this unfortunate set of circumstances. Said one user about this weird Pokemon Go glitch, “Shadow Force spanks hard.” It didn’t stop there, either: “I can make SO MANY JOKES about this Tyranitar motorboating the ground.”

Someone else added, “Can we get [an] NSFW tag? I was in public and I don’t want people thinking I have a Pokémon kink.”

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As many would expect, the thread in TheSliphRoad’s subreddit also plays host to a fair few “scissor” puns.

Other users reported seeing the same bug when activating Shadow Force. And one player claimed a similar error can occur when using the High Horsepower move. Apparently, some gym battles have a lot going on behind the scenes.

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