Pokemon Go fans prove Golden Razz Berry hunt is too easy

Laura Gray
Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Finale Ticket Giveaway Golden Razz Berry Hunt

Pokemon Go has brought back the Golden Razz Berry social media spot-and-find, offering players a chance to win a ticket to the Go Fest 2022 finale. However, spotting the berries isn’t the issue – it’s beating other eagle-eyed players.

Pokemon Go players are gearing up for the Go Fest 2022 finale event on August 27, 2022.

While those who purchased the original Go Fest 2022 tickets earlier in the summer are all set to participate in everything the event has to offer, players who skipped out or couldn’t afford them will need to buy a finale-exclusive ticket for 11 dollars to access everything available.

While the original worldwide Pokemon Go Fest limited Ultra Beast encounters, the finale will be an all-out grab featuring Buzzwole, Pheromosa, Xurkitree, and Nihilego throughout the day. A number of other standard species will also be appearing Raid battles and Wild Encounters, offering a slew of possible catches.

What is Pokemon Go’s Golden Razz Berry hunt?

As explained on the PokemonGoApp Twitter, the Golden Razz Berry Hunt is a free giveaway.

To win a free ticket to the Pokemon Go Fest 2022 finale, players can keep an eye out on the Twitter account for new posts, which will each hold a Golden Razz Berry hidden within the background. If spotted, players only have to screenshot the berry and reply to the tweet with the image, but there is a catch.

These berries aren’t well hidden, leading to an enormous number of finds spamming each Twitter post.

The Golden Razz Berry hidden in the hunt announcement tweet can be found just off the side of the bridge by the Xurkitree’s right foot. The text that pops up in the video only makes the berry more obvious, as the golden text of “returns” almost points right to it.

The same easy spot can be seen in another new Twitter post, where the Golden Razz Berry is sitting in a planter in the window by Pheromosa’s elbow. _EpicWrld spotted it, pointing to the berry with a large, black arrow, alongside dozens of other Pokemon Go fans.

According to the PokemonGoApp Twitter, fifty people to spot the berry on each post will be randomly selected to win a Go Fest 2022 finale ticket, which is a decent number of free tickets, but the task of spotting the berry isn’t exactly a challenge.

While the Golden Razz Berry hunt may not be the most riveting or organized giveaway to jump in on, it could be the perfect opportunity for Pokemon Go players to snag their 2022 Go Fest finale ticket.

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