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Pokemon Go players want IRL “Pikachu trespassing” sign as new PokeStop

Published: 2/Dec/2021 17:33

by David Purcell


A ‘No Pokemon Trespassing’ sign has been discovered and it’s piqued the curiosity of players… Why does it exist? What are they hiding? Now, they are plotting to make it a future Pokemon Go PokeStop, which would be the ultimate meme. 

There has been a number of hilarious PokeStops and Gyms found across the world, from Scary Pikachu to a meme painting in Melbourne, Australia.

To build upon that portfolio of already added destinations in the iOS and Android game, players can actually suggest places that are worthy of Niantic’s consideration. From there, the company’s team can decide if the area needs a PokeStop, Gym, or any other increased support in terms of features.


Players think they’ve found a perfect opportunity, too.

PokeStops give Pokemon Go users in-game rewards for visiting that spot on the map.

Pokemon Go players find hilarious PokeStop idea

On December 1, Reddit user theanonymouscrewup posted about a sign they found while on the road, playing Pokemon Go. They said: “Out of town visiting family and came across this while playing.”

Similar to a sign you may see outside a house to keep trespassers away, it appears the owner of the property has had enough of PoGo players specifically. It reads: “Private Property. No Pokemon trespassing.”

It didn’t take long for members of the community to think about having a reaction to this, either.

One said: “Wow, what a cool sign. Time to nominate it for a PokeStop,” which was upvoted over 150 times.


Out of town visiting family and came across this while playing from pokemongo

Pokemon Go players react

Some players were also left wondering why the sign was even up in the first place.

One joked: “He’s hiding Larvitar in there, I know it,” while another said: “They’re hiding pokemon legendaries in there, they just don’t want you to know.”

A third trainer added: “That’s where Niantic is holding Kecleon!”

While Niantic has confirmed that Kecleon will be coming as part of a “special release” in the near future, it’s highly unlikely that – in what would be an Area 51-style situation – that the developers are holding any Pokemon captive in this area.

If you would like to nominate this, or any other landmark, to become a future PokeStop or Gym, here’s how to do it.