Pokemon Go players slam “unsafe” Community Day amid ongoing heatwaves

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go players had some complaints about the “unsafe” timeslot for the latest Community Day event amid heatwaves across the world.

Pokemon Go held its Galarian Zigzagoon-centric Community Day on August 13, 2022.

While some were able to go out and catch the striped raccoon Pokemon without issues, some players had a tough time going outside today.

Now, some players are calling for Niantic to readjust the Community Day timeslot, calling the current 11 AM–2 PM timeslot “unsafe” amidst ongoing heatwaves.

Pokemon Go players call for Community Day changes

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit gained traction after user bluekii claimed that three hours was “not long enough” for an enjoyable Community Day.

For those who may not know, in 2020 Niantic extended Community Days to six-hour long events but shortened them back to three hours in April of 2022.

While many agreed and suggested the current timeslot should change, others cited the current heatwaves as a valid reason.

“Where I live 11-2 pm is like the hottest part of the day, we are currently telling people to stay inside to avoid the heat,” said Siroet, noting that “when it was 10-5 pm” they could avoid the worst of the heat.

Those who live in the UK and have experienced intense heatwaves agreed, like UgimaFlip who said “…Its currently 32 degrees in [the] UK, some places even higher and having to walk around in that heat is surely unsafe…”

It’s not just players from the US and UK either, but people in other parts of the world are complaining about playing in the heat as well.

“It’s super hot in Malaysia. I got out and my phone is overheating and went back home because what’s the point,” said Reddit user Houeclipse.

Players will just have to wait and see if Niantic ends up changing Community Day during the summer months, but until trainers playing in the heat should make sure to bring along lots of water and find ample shade wherever possible.

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