Pokemon Go players defend Niantic over three-hour Community Days

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Pokemon Go players haven’t been happy with the change to Community Day durations in 2022, but they still believe the title of the event is fitting.

Pokemon Go players have had much to adjust to over the past year, from nerfs on Incense to reducing Community Day durations. While many have voiced their frustrations over the changes on social media, fans are still willing to rally and stand beside developer Niantic over certain aspects of gameplay.

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Players have made specific efforts to point out beneficial changes to the game, like in the case of the Galarian Bird trio and Adventure incense, celebrating them and commenting on how the additions improve the Pokemon Go experience. This has included comments on how certain features could be expanded to create more enjoyable challenges.

While not everything has been perfect, fans are still dedicated to the game and specifically back up certain elements that are key to Pokemon Go’s addictive, community-focused gameplay. This has recently been seen in a situation where a player attempted to roast Community Days for their name.

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Pokemon Go player fails Community Day roast

In a recent Reddit post, a Pokemon Go player attempted to roast the term “Community Day” for the special event spotlighting certain species for a short period of time. The post reads, “Community Days should be renamed to Community HOURS.”

The player states that the title “misrepresents” the event, as the duration is on three hours and not a full day. However, trainers in the comments were quick to jump in and defend the event, slapping back with a number of remarks.

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One player states, “It’s not called community because it lasts a day… it’s called community day because it’s a day for the community…” while another adds, “When a sporting event occurs on a certain day, people call it “game day,” even though the game typically lasts anywhere between an hour and a half to three hours. This community just loves to complain, lmao.”

While most players have agreed that the three-hour duration isn’t the most inclusive for all players, especially those who work mid-day weekend hours, the community still sees the event as a day of celebration. For many, the outing is the perfect opportunity to get out, spend a day with friends, and continue playing long after the featured spawns have disappeared.

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