Pokemon Go players mock unbelievable review claiming Raids got them “robbed and evicted”


Pokemon Go players are baffled by a one-star review accusing developer Niantic of not being able to pay for rent and other necessities because of getting robbed while walking to a raid location.

On April 21, a user of the Pokemon GO Reddit made a post simply titled “which one of you,” with a screenshot of a Pokemon GO review that features quite an unbelievable story.

The mentioned story is tied to Niantic’s decision to nerf remote raids finalized on March 30. It saw the prices of Remote Raid Passes double and limited their use to five a day, a decision that made a significant portion of the player base upset.

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The review mentioned that the Remote Raid nerf forced them to walk to a raid in person, resulting in them being robbed, which in turn resulted in them not being able to pay for water and electricity. The review ends with the author stating they “might get evicted next week all because of Pokemon.”

Pokemon GO players baffled by an outlandish 1-star review

Denizens of the subreddit quickly started piling on comments mocking the story as an entertaining fairy tale.

“And as soon as the robbers were out of sight, I wrote this review on the phone I was playing on, but they managed not to steal,” mockingly writes one user. Another player bluntly states: “On things that never happened today.”

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But some users point out that real robberies and muggins have happened because of Pokemon GO.

“I know people are s**ting on this, but you can’t deny there have been real robberies in Pokémon Go reported on the news. This isn’t an impossible situation even if this one comment was lying,” states one user.

Another user clapped back at this specific comment pointing out that neither the game nor the company is responsible at the end, as each player should keep their wits about them an exercise caution.

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“These are in no way caused by Pokemon GO regardless of the coincidence that the people robbed were playing it. Yes, even the folks ‘lured’ to the robbery were only coincidentally and unrelatedly robbed while playing pokemon go,” argues the reply.

As mentioned before, some crimes happened because of Pokemon GO and the lack of caution of the player. Supposedly Campfire Raid Flares were used to rob players earlier this year, although it was never verified or confirmed by a credible source.

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