Pokemon Go players blast Larvesta hunt as “chore” and not a fun event

Brianna Reeves
Pokemon Go Larvesta hunt

While reflecting on the Larvesta hunt, Pokemon Go players argue Instinctive Hero felt like more of a “chore” instead of a fun event.

Notably, Larvesta and its evolution form – Volcarona – entered the AR title during the An Instinctive Hero event. Developer Niantic ran the in-game event from Tuesday, May 2 through Monday, May 8.

In the lead-up to An Instinctive Hero, players were well aware that hatching Larvesta would prove a difficult feat. And during the event, users found there was less than a one percent chance of hatching Larvesta from eggs.

This may come as a surprise to very few, but those who joined the hunt for the bug/fire type don’t think it was worth the effort.

Pokemon Go players call recent Larvesta hunt a “chore”

Reddit user ValorStick put in a lot of work to unlock one Larvesta. The feat involved them walking approximately 32 miles in a week to hatch 108 eggs. But the player’s post laments that they gained little else – “ZERO Shinies, ZERO Keepers.”

The Trainer went on to congratulate Niantic for turning Pokemon into a “chore” before claiming they’re giving up.

Several other Pokemon Go users chimed in to discuss how unlucky they were throughout the Larvesta hunt‘s duration. Wrote one person, “I got one shiny on my 50th egg. Out of 55 total so far no Larvesta…”

Someone else said their first egg was a Larvesta, but they earned nothing of worth afterward. “No shinies and most hatches have been 2-star.”

Another person said they managed to hatch 74 eggs in total and earned a shiny Karrablast, but had no luck getting Larvesta.

Suffice it to say, the thread is replete with similar stories from frustrated Pokemon Go fans. Interestingly, one user concluded the event should help everyone realize that Pokemon Go “is just a gacha game with more steps (pun intended).”

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