Pokemon Go Fest players blast Egg “scam” and demand crucial change

Joe Pring
pokemon go fest egg event

Pokemon Go Fest 2024 ticket holders have been granted access to another event as part of the mobile game’s annual celebration, but players have been pushing back, labeling it a “scam.”

The primary contention this time has been a lack of disclosure surrounding Shiny chances. The official event page, which stated that all participants have an “Increased chance to encounter Shiny Pokemon from 7 km eggs,” didn’t specify how much the rates had been boosted.

In a Reddit thread lamenting the lack of transparency, one user said, “For long-time players, this should be obvious. For newcomers, you’ve been warned – ‘increased chance’ doesn’t mean anything if they [Niantic] don’t give any actual numbers.”

The Pokemon Larvesta is shown
Shiny Larvesta will have a chance of hatching during the event

Responses were quick to share their view. “If they don’t release any public numbers, then who can verify besides Niantic?” came one reply, adding, “It’s like doing an internal review…scam of a scam.”

Others likened the obscurity to previous events featuring Shiny Larvesta and Deino:

“The sad part is that really this goes back to the Deino debacle years ago. Since then they continue to do these egg events and people continue to fall for them. One day people will realize it’s a scam and stop wasting money on eggs.”

Contrarily, some have pointed out that Niantic doesn’t guarantee that players will get the Shiny they’re hunting for, but this misses the point. Dissatisfaction stems from not knowing if the buff is big enough to make actively hunting a specific ‘mon worth the time.

Even if the lack of concrete numbers is deterrent enough for you to go egg hunting during Go Fest 2024, there are myriad other boosts to consider. Check out our full Go Fest breakdown for more details.

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