Pokemon Go researchers report less than 1% chance to hatch Larvesta from eggs

Pokemon Go LarvestaNiantic, Inc.

Pokemon Go players have just reported their findings that indicate the chance to hatch Larvesta from eggs comes in under 1%.

Pokemon Go has amassed quite the community for itself, boasting an inclusive playerbase with fans from all over the globe. It is not hard to see the mobile game’s appeal, from its cutesy creatures to its real-world incentive that gets people exploring the outdoors.

Unfortunately, as is the case with all enjoyable things, Pokemon Go does not come without its flaws. The game features many immersion-breaking bugs or flawed design choices, and players are more than wise to such issues.

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Taking to social media to share their discoveries, some Pokemon Go fans have come together to calculate the exact hatch rate of the new Larvesta Pokemon in-game. If their findings are true, the chances of hatching a Larvesta are abysmally low at less than 1%.

Pokemon Go players calculate less than 1% Larvesta hatch rate

The Larvesta hatch rate was calculated by players and posted to Reddit, where fans responded to express their disappointment. The observed hatch rate for Larvesta came in at less than 1% from eligible 2km, 5km, and 10km distance eggs.

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The researchers tasked with finding these low rates stated that it took them a whopping average of 246 eggs representing a 1,136 kilometer distance to hatch one Larvesta. A normal player would then need to walk about 19,000 kilometers to reach the 400 candies required to evolve one Larvesta into a Volcarona.

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Other fans commented on the post, frustrated at the numbers. One person simply wrote that the matter was “criminal,” while another said that the low rate was “hitting on the standard shiny rate.” Some players took the opportunity to adversely share their own luck.

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One lucky Pokemon Go player wrote that they “hatched one on my 4th event egg” and “should buy a lottery ticket.” Someone responded saying, “Looks like you should buy at least four actually,” while another person chimed in with, “No point of buying one, already used up your luck.”

Hopefully Niantic takes note of how its playerbase feels. Many took direct shots at the developers, saying things like “This company is choking the life out of this game” while calling the low catch rate “A new low, even for Niantic standards.”

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This news comes amid the company’s controversial salary offer and other in-game blunders such as the Bundle Box pricing, both of which have whittled away at the goodwill of the player base and contributed to mounting frustrations in the community.

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