Pokemon Go players claim Niantic is “trolling” with Larvesta notification

Shiny Larvesta in Pokemon GONiantic

Pokemon Go players are baffled by Niantic thinking that they have already evolved Larvesta.

Pokemon Go’s An Instinctive Hero event went live on May 2 and will run until Monday, May 8, at 10:00 AM local time. With the limited-time festivities, Pokemon Go players can hatch Larvesta from 2km, 5km, or 10km Eggs. However, it hasn’t proven to be an easy feat.

According to Pokemon Go researchers, Larvesta’s hatching rate is less than 1%. To evolve Larvesta, an average trainer must walk 19,000 kilometers to reach the 400 candies needed to obtain a Volcarona. Leading many players to think Niantic is out of its mind when asking if players have already accomplished this task.

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Pokemon Go players are struggling with hatching Larvesta

Pokemon Go candy evolutionThe Pokemon Company

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, Reddit user Jachael123_ posted a screenshot of a notification from the mobile game. The message informed trainers that the An Instinctive Hero event was ending soon and asked if they had evolved Larvesa into Volcarona yet.

ObviousSherbert mentioned the researchers’ study about Larvesta’s low hatching rate in their comment. “Niantic is either hardcore trolling, or their social media reps are incredibly out of touch with the game,” the player wrote.

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“Larvesta and Volcarona are fan favorites people have been waiting on for three years now,” WaterDuck8_5741 remarked. “They could have made this a fun event and have it as one of the year’s most memorable. Instead, they chose to make Larvesta a tedious grind, just like all other aspects of this game now.”

Additionally, Pokemon Go users claimed Niantic didn’t increase Shiny odds for the An Instinctive Hero event. Previously, the company declared it would on specific eggs, but players haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.

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