Pokemon Go players horrified by bizarre Pikachu PokeStop in Australia

Scott Baird
Pikachu impression PokemonThe Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Go player in has been gifted a postcard of the mythical monstrosity that is the Grotesque Pigachu PokeStop and shared their findings with the world.

In Pokemon Go, players can spin PokeStops on the overworld for free items, Eggs, tasks, and more. You’re more likely to find them in cities and near tourist attractions, as that’s where people tend to gather, so they’ll make the most of the PokeStops.

It’s also possible for fans to petition Niantic to create a PokeStop. There’s a whole process for applying for a PokeStop, and there’s a chance that Niantic could refuse the request, but if it is successful, you could get a PokeStop placed near your home.

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Not all PokeStops are connected to fancy locations, as fans have been able to get some ridiculous PokeStops approved in the past. None are more terrifying than one that resides in Australia, for it offers tribute to a graven idol of Pikachu.

Grotesque Pigachu is a horrifying PokeStop

A user on the Pokemon Go Reddit shared the postcard they were sent of the Grotesque Pigachu PokeStop, which can be found in the city of Cabramatta in New South Wales, Australia. This also came with a Gift, though the image was worth more than any items.

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Other users in the thread were quick to share their revulsion at the incredible Pikachu ride. “Voldechu, I… do not choose you, stay in your ball, you absolute freak,” one user wrote, while another said, “Oh my God that’s disgusting.”

This creature wasn’t always referred to as Pigachu, as pointed out by one user. “It was so much better when it was ‘Grotesque Pikachu’. I don’t like the new name lol. So glad I have a postcard from the original name.”

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The Grotesque Pigachu is one of those coin-operated rides seen in supermarkets worldwide. In this case, it’s a horrific misrepresentation of what the iconic Pokemon looks like, with its body altered into the shape of a ride and its face given a disturbing human quality.

Pokemon Go players are quick to criticize Niantic over pretty much anything, but the company can at least be lauded for allowing the Grotesque Pigachu PokeStop to remain. It’s the kind of unofficial item that The Pokemon Company would never acknowledge, but is beloved by the fans, as they love it for its imperfections.

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