Pokemon Go players reveal what they’d change about game

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Pokemon Go fans have revealed everything they would change about the game if they were given control over Niantic and could decide the mobile adventure’s fate.

Pokemon Go is a massive game with a passionate fanbase. As such, there are many people in the world with varied opinions about its quality and direction who are quick to share their displeasure with the game online.

It doesn’t help that Pokemon Go’s changes to Raid Passes caused a serious backlash from the fanbase, leading to an already vocal fanbase becoming even more critical of the game’s issues, with many quick to point the finger at Niantic.

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Ultimately, Niantic is running a business, but there are plenty of decisions made regarding Pokemon Go that fans find baffling. But what if they were given the keys to the Pokemon Go franchise and allowed to call the shots?

Pokemon Go players reveal how they’d change the game

A user on the Pokemon Go Reddit has created a thread asking fans what they would do if they owned Niantic for a day. Many fans had strong opinions about the first thing they’d change if given the chance.

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“Open all gifts, send all gifts button. Gift limit, as many friends as you can have, currently 400,” one user posted, while another said, “Remote raid passes cost 100 coins, no limit on remote raids. long distance via some sort of in game challenge. Bring back legendaries from research breakthroughs.”

“I would change the eggs system and make it that people can delete the ones they don’t want,” one user said, “I would also change the Pokémon you get from hatching eggs constantly because I believe it would make people walk and play the game more. Imagine if just for one day you could get a rare Pokémon after walking a certain distance? I’d love that.”

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“The ability to remotely take your Pokémon out of gyms if they’ve been stuck there for too long. Seriously my Bronzong been stuck at a gym for almost a month, I want him back,” one user mentioned, referring to Pokemon being stuck in Gyms until they’re defeated.

One user came bearing a list: “1.- Lucky trades are remote 2.- Remote passes are significantly cheaper than local passes. 3.- Pokemon participation in leagues is based on level, not CP. 3.5 .- Level is clearly displayed on the Pokemon info. 4.- Un-nerf inciense. 5.- All costumed Pokemon can evolve.”

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Pokemon Go fans want many changes made to the game, but no one knows the decision-making process that goes on behind closed doors at Niantic. It’s possible that even being given temporary control over the control wouldn’t be enough to change Pokemon Go in the short term.

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