Pokemon Go players share tips for getting Pokestops approved at home

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One Pokemon Go trainer doesn’t have to travel far for the closest available Pokestop, as Niantic approved a location in front of his house.

In Pokemon Go, players spin Pokestop photo discs to obtain items like Pokeballs and Potions. Wild Pokemon also gather around the Pokestop, and trainers can place Lure Modules there for more mons to appear.

Usually, users can find Pokestops or Gyms at town landmarks or businesses. However, Niantic allowed one Pokemon Go player to create a Pokestop where he doesn’t even have to leave his house to spin.

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Pokemon Go player establishes Pokestop at home

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, Reddit user its_brenanners announced Niantic granted him permission for an at-home Pokestop. The trainer shared that the company had initially denied his request, but he appealed it. In total, the process took around three weeks.

its_brennaners revealed that he used a small lending library in his neighborhood as the landmark for the Pokestop. “I just said it’s a good place for players to explore and also have access to a free source of education/knowledge while also closing a gap between two areas that have multiple Pokestops,” the user wrote.

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While its_brennaners succeeded in establishing a nearby Pokestop in a few weeks, other trainers haven’t had the best of luck.

g4tam20 wrote, “I put three applications in near where I live (a fountain, gym, and dog park), and it took six months for 1 to get approved.”

“I’ve submitted 26 genuine things in the past 6-8 months,” TinyDemon000 revealed. “All but two were rejected for the utterly dumbest reasons.”

Due to a lawsuit, Niantic initially prohibited players from creating Pokestops within 40 meters of a private residential home. Furthermore, the company didn’t allow items to become Pokestops if they were between a house and a street.

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However, Niantic tends not to notify users of any Pokestop changes. Therefore, it’s entirely possible anyone could set up a nearby Pokestop to keep up their streaks without walking outside in potentially bad weather.

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