Pokemon Go’s “dopest” postcard ignites globetrotting hunt

Jessica Filby
Pokemon Go postcard

Pokemon Go postcards give players the chance to interact with fans they’ve never met, sharing landmarks from their home towns – or Antarctica?

While they may be constantly bogging down your inventory, a good Pokemon Go gift is ideal if you’re in need of a few items. Usually, as well as the Pokeballs and other resources, these gifts come with Postcards, allowing friends to share their nearby landmarks and boast about their travels.

Some are always looking for the coolest postcard to share, but one seems to have taken the top spot, with it sparking a globetrotting hunt for the player who sent it.

“Gift from Antarctica?!” shared one player on the Pokemon Go Reddit, attaching an image of the player and the rare postcard in the extremely unpopulated region of the world.

They went on to explain that they “tried looking this person up on Campfire, but I guess he’s not on there. If you’re on here Glizzy, what’s the story of the gift you sent from the Antarctic?”

Naturally, the community was thrilled to see all corners of the world enjoying the popular mobile game, with one labeling it the “Dopest postcard ever! Save that.”

While many fans were certainly impressed and eager to meet the new Poke-adventurer, commenting “Antarctic researcher glizzyxkingxgod… may we someday meet” others jumped to share their favorite Pokemon Go postcards.

“And my coolest postcard is from Dominos in New Jersey” joked one fan, while another added that they’d also received a treat from a remote location.

“That’s pretty cool! I remember a few years back that someone found out that their shiny Mewtwo that was caught in a remote raid was from a research station on one of the poles.. I also caught a shiny Moltres while I was visiting the Vatican State last year – those unusual locations are fun” commented the fan.

Sure, catching ’em all or battling for your nearby Gym is a key aspect of Pokemon Go, but it’s always a treat to be reminded of the widespread community surrounding the game. And who knows, maybe glizzyxkingxgod will explain how they managed to get hold of the rare postcard?

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