Pokemon Go players furious over random box price changes

pokemon go shopNiantic, The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go players are furious over a Lure Module Box in the game’s shop that is randomly more expensive for some players with seemingly no purpose behind it.

The Niantic mobile game has never been short of quirks. Whether it be problems with friends lists or missions with horrendous value, the game never fails to keep its players on their toes.

Players have discovered the next thing in the line of oddities, as some have discovered vastly different prices for the exact same item in the shop. With some randomly having to pay double what others are for the same items, fans are naturally furious.

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Here’s more on what the price range of the item is, so you can know what kind of value you’re getting compared to others out there.

Pokemon Go random box price change

A trainer looking at a Hoopa Unbound portal in Pokemon GoNiantic
Pokemon Go fans are totally lost at this random price change.

As of December 7, there should be an item in the Pokemon Go shop called a Lure Module Box. But, according to a multitude of players, the price of this item can vary greatly.

A Reddit post highlighting this disparity has amassed a staggering 1,300 comments with many in the community sharing what price value they’re getting the box at.

Prices in the comments range from 350 all the way up to 700 coins for the exact same box. The author’s box is at 650, putting them on the losing side of things and among the many frustrated with the random change.

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“700 here in Dallas. I spend cash on the game. I refuse to buy it if others are paying 400. That’s totally messed up,” wrote one fan, who’s justifiably upset over having to pay double for the box.

The same player shared that their wife got the box for nearly half the price, both spending considerable time and money on the mobile game, “I just checked my wife’s game. It is 400 coins for her. I’m level 42. She’s level 41. We both spend on the game and live in the same house of course.”

With others chiming in with their prices, we half-hoped for a correlation between level and price, potentially giving newer players a better deal. However, as the comments display, there seems to be no correlation between the price changes.

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Why these boxes are priced completely at random is anyone’s guess and as of right now, Niantic has yet to post anything clearing the issue up. We will provide updates in the event that they do.