Pokemon Go players roast PokeBall challenge: “Worst trade deal”

Connor Knudsen

One of Pokemon Go’s latest challenges is making players outraged, as the game offers up a measly reward of PokeBalls for some disproportionate legwork. 

Pokemon Go continues to be a mainstay for the franchise, keeping players engaged with regular seasonal events that have even included stars like Ed Sheeran recently.

In each event, players generally complete challenges that yield rewards for their efforts, either in the form of items or rare Pokemon encounters. Usually, these have great value for players.

However, one recent event has players mocking the game, calling it “the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever” in a satirical post to the game’s subreddit.

Players roast Pokemon Go PokeBall challenge

Ed Sheeran performing in Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go fans have, well, had a few things to make memes about recently…

Reddit user Fetty24 posted to the Pokemon Go subreddit on November 22 absolutely roasting one of the game’s challenges.

The challenge calls for players to catch 10 Pokemon. The reward? 5 PokeBalls…

That’s some tough value to rationalize, and the community hasn’t held back to let devs know about their frustrations.

“This has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever” joked Fetty24 in the meme-style post.

While the OP created a clever meme, commentators have been swift to join the fun, as well.

The top comment on the thread reads: “Think of it like a coupon for a grocery store. You’re gonna buy groceries anyways, so you might as well save some money.”

“Just have Mexico pay for the lost balls,” said another.

This reward clearly seems to be a goofy one to many on the subreddit. However, at least players have the opportunity to recoup some of those very hard-to-find PokeBalls, right?

As the game heads towards its latest Mischief Unbound event, check to see if you’re one of the lucky few to come along this quest and enjoy your lucrative five-PokeBall reward!

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