Ash Ketchum voice actor signs rare Charizard Pokemon card worth $20,000

Pokemon voice actor Sarah Natochenny next to Charizard Pokemon CardYouTube: Vanity Fair / The Pokemon Company

Ash Ketchum voice actor Sarah Natochenny went viral on TikTok after a Pokemon TCG fan asked her to autograph a rare 1st Edition Charizard Pokemon card worth thousands of dollars.

No one could have predicted in the 90s that the Pokemon Trading Card game would one day have collectibles that sell at auction for as much as a car.

The voice actor for Ash Ketchum was floored when a TCG collector asked her to autograph an insanely rare 1st edition Base Set Charizard worth $20,000.

Ash Ketchum voice actor signs rare Charizard Pokemon Card

While attending the Collect-A-Con convention, the Ash Ketchum voice actor was approached by a TCG collector who wanted her to sign a 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard from the 1998 Base Set.

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According to Natochenny, the retro Trading Card Game item is “the rarest card I’ve ever signed.” The entertainer uploaded a video of the moment on her TikTok and showed how nerve-wracking it was to not mess up the autograph on the priceless artifact.

“This is a 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard, and I’m going to sign it for him,” she said in the clip. The card is not only from the incredibly rare first printing run of the TCG but it’s also been graded a 9 by Beckett.

The lucky owner of the Charizard card, Shivam Patel, uploaded a video on November 22 showing off a close-up of the newly autographed card.

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The rare Shadowless Charizard card has sold at auction in 2021 for as high as $31,000 for PSA 9 editions. With the autograph of Ash Ketchum’s voice actor on the protective casing, the collectible is now truly one of a kind.

For millions of children around the world, Sarah Natochenny has become the voice of Pokemon after taking over the role of Ash Ketchum in season 9 of the anime in 2006. The actor has brought the trainer to life for over a decade now.