Pokemon Go players fed up with paid research after Galarian Mr Mime event

Brent Koepp
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

Galarian Mr. Mime is coming to Pokemon Go this December. The winter-themed event faced backlash, however, after players became angry that the Sword & Shield monster was locked behind paid Research.

In 2019, Niantic released its first paid event in Pokemon Go. While some fans were weary of the announcement, the move was overall well-received at the time and has become standard fair in the mobile title.

However, players have started to become tired of the purchasable Research after it was revealed that Galarian Mr. Mime’s debut is locked behind a paywall this December. Has the game become too oversaturated with paid content?

Screenshot of Pokemon Go Galarian Mr Mime December 2020 event.Pokemon Go / Niantic
Pokemon Go players are not thrilled about the Galarian ‘mon costing $8.

Pokemon Go players sick of paid events

On December 11, Niantic officially revealed 2020’s winter-themed event running from December 18 to 21. The weekend celebration focuses on Ice-type’s such as Swinub, Cubchoo, and the debut of Sword & Shield’s Galarian Mr. Mime.

The Gen 8 variant comes with a catch, as the tap-dancing character is actually locked behind a ticket that will set trainers back $7.99. The purchasable item gives Special Research.

While this is nothing new for Go, fans became angry at the ticket event due to the high price for just a single monster, as well as the rewards for the cost.

Trainers reacted to the announcement negatively on social media, such as one user who exclaimed, “You guys are the worst company ever. I absolutely hate you guys. You lock everything in paywalls now.” Another player sarcastically tweeted, “Thanks so much! As always you listened to the community and we are so happy to spend $8 to unlock ONLY 1 new Pokemon.” Another fan simply replied, “At this point its getting ridiculous. Please stop selling us small events.”

Pokemon Go players critical of Galarian Mr. Mime event twitter.Twitter
Fans on Twitter are not happy.

It wasn’t just Twitter users who were upset, popular Pokemon Go subreddit TheSilphRoad also took issue with the December event. “Pokemon Go: Gotta Buy em’ All,” one person joked. Another Trainer complained that paid content was “getting out of hand”, while others predicted the future of the mobile game would be flooded with paywalls.

Reddit Pokemon Go players critical of Galarian Mr Mime costing $8.Reddit
Redditors are unhappy too.

Making matters worse, the Pokemon available in the winter weekend are tied to Incense. “The tied event for all players offers Pokemon only through Incense, not standard spawns. What the hell? I love Pokemon Go but you guys sure as hell make it hard to,” Serebii webmaster Joe Merrick tweeted.

Screenshot of Joe Merrick tweet about Pokemon Go December 2020 event.Twitter: @JoeMerrick
The event isn’t going down well online.

While it’s hard to gauge how the entire community really feels about paid ticket events, it appears that many fans now believe them to be far too common in Go, as well as being too small for the cost.

The event officially kicks off on December 19. Those who really want a Galarian Mr Mime will have to shelve out $8 for the Gen 8 variant.