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Pokemon Go players furious with final Community Day of 2020

Published: 10/Dec/2020 21:29

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Go’s final Community Day of 2020 has been announced by Niantic, and will again feature Charmander. Some players are furious over the Fire-type’s return – despite December being a recap month.

First introduced in 2018, Community Days in Go were designed to be a celebration of a specific Pokemon with boosted spawn rates and special moves. However, some ‘mon have had more time to shine than others.

Back in August, players became frustrated when fans voted to give Charmander another one. Now, some are furious that the Gen I starter is one of the characters closing out 2020 with the game’s final event of the year.


Screenshot of Pokemon Go December Community Day 2020 promotional.
Pokemon Go / Niantic
Some Go Trainers are angry that Charmander is featured in the year-end recap event.

Pokemon Go features Charmander again

The hit mobile game has used the final month of the year to revisit previous Community Days. This is a great opportunity for fans to get a second shot at certain ‘mon if they had missed their previous celebration.

However, despite December being a recap for prior years, some are outraged that Charmander was one of the characters chosen again for the last event which kicks off on December 13.

While the Fire-type is generally considered a fan-favorite in the series, its inclusion in multiple Community Days has now began to upset certain Trainers.

“Didn’t we just have Charmander for a community day!? What about some hard to get Pokemon for a change,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Has it been that bad of a year that we have to recycle Community Days 2 months apart. I mean really?” another said. Others accused Niantic of “running out of ideas.”


Pokemon Go players angry over Charmander Community Day December.
Some people are not happy.

Not all fans were critical of the December event, and some even hit out at fellow players for being upset over a recap month. “You buffoons. Niantic is bringing back all the comm day mons from earlier in the year,” one person said. Another user echoed a similar sentiment and tweeted, “RECAP COMMUNITY DAY!! What don’t people get about this. It’s literally the 3rd December in a row that it’s happening.”

Pokemon Go players defend Niantic over December Community Day 2020.

It should be pointed out that the event isn’t only about Charmander, and features past picks such as Electabuzz, Magmar, Magikarp, and Porygon. However, Niantic’s announcement featuring the Fire-type was enough to anger some fans.


If nothing else, the reaction to the annual recap event is possibly a sign that parts of the community are wanting more drastic changes to the game’s celebration events in 2021. And while a beloved monster, the Gen I starter appears to have worn out its welcome with some Trainers.