Pokemon Go players are memeing the Daily Incense feature already

Philip Trahan
pokemon go rattata lillipup header image

Despite being available for less than a month, Pokemon Go players are already making jokes about Daily Incense’s ‘rare spawns.’

Niantic has tweaked and changed how Incenses work in Pokemon Go many times as of late leaving players unhappy.

However, with the recent introduction of Daily Adventure Incense, Niantic sought to alleviate some trainers’ concerns with the item.

After nearly a month of availability, players are already making jokes about how unhelpful Daily Adventure Incense tends to be.

Pokemon Go trainers meme on Daily Incense feature

Pokemon Go’s Daily Adventure Incense are meant to give players a free, brief boost in nearby spawns.

A post joking about the main selling point of Daily Adventure Incense gained traction on the Pokemon Go subreddit.

One fan made a post titled “For those who are disappointed with the daily incense, just remember it attracts [Pokemon] you don’t normally see. You get unique encounters such as this,” referring to the attached picture.

Of course, the attached image showed nothing but incredibly common Pokemon found through the Daily Incense, including Lillipup, Rattata, and Zigzagoon.

For those who may not be aware, the Daily Adventure Incense is a free, daily incense use that lasts for 15 minutes.

The official Pokemon Go website notes that “you may encounter Pokemon not frequently seen in the wild.” Unfortunately, according to numerous trainers on the subreddit, this isn’t really the case at all.

“I was so frustrated with it over bug week. I’d walk along my walkway filled with Weedles, Caterpies, and Venipedes to get incense spawns of… Weedles, Caterpies, and Venipedes,” said Apostatrophe.

Others took swings at a recent Community Day controversy and said “Awesome! Such a great spread! I can’t wait to go out during a heat wave and have AN INTENSELY PACED JOG for this!”

While there are those who actually enjoy using the Daily Adventure Incense, it certainly seems like some trainers are just luckier than others.

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