Pokemon Go players slam “hilariously bad” Adventure Effects changes

Em Stonham
Dusk Mane Necrozma from Pokemon anime.

Adventure Effects in Pokemon Go can be hit or miss when it comes to community reactions. These unique effects are a relatively new introduction to the game, and ever since their inception, many players have remained unconvinced they’re worth using.

Thanks to Pokemon Go Fest celebrations, players now have two new Adventure Effects to experiment with – Moongeist Beam for Dawn Wings Necrozma and Sunsteel Strike for Dusk Mane Necrozma.

The revealing Reddit post laid out everything associated with the two new Adventure Effects, including the new moves, costs, Pokemon spawns, and evolution effects. While a few players were excited to try them out in-game, the overall response from the community was largely negative.

While they may look powerful on paper, the Pokemon Go community has been left unimpressed by the new Legendary effects, with some slamming their spawns and others questioning why Niantic is releasing weaker Pokemon.

Making this very point, one Pokemon Go player jokingly remarked, “Is Niantic trying to do inverse power creep where new stuff gets worse and worse?”

Others chimed in with their thoughts on the Pokemon spawns specifically, with one player saying, “Rofl, these spawns are hilariously bad. Another feature I will never use, just like those AR pictures and scans.” Another dubbed the Adventure Effects “pretty useless”.

Some fans compared the new additions to the existing Adventure Effects, with one person commenting, “I think this will be like the Palkia special powers…you use it once to complete the task, remark how great it was…and then never use it again as it’s too expensive.”

Amidst the negativity, some Pokemon Go players shared excitement about how the new Adventure Effects could benefit them. One such trainer expressed, “Never evolved an Ursaring and never caught a Solrock, probably the only 2 things this will help me with.”

Whether you’re excited to see the Adventure Effects in action or feeling let down by the offerings, it’s worth checking out our guide to Fusion in Pokemon Go. This mechanic shows that Niantic is willing to push the boat out and try new things, which is promising to see as a player.