Pokemon Go’s ‘best dad ever’ catches hundo Regidrago for his son

Cassidy Stephenson
Regidrago in Pokemon Go

A Pokemon Go player becomes the ‘best dad ever’ by catching a hundo Regidrago for his son as a surprise.

Niantic first attempted the Regidrago Elite Raid in mid-March, but technical issues caused players’ games to crash. Following a mass backlash, the company apologized and promised to “make it up to Trainers all over the world.”

Consequently, the Legendary Regidrago’s Global Makeup event began on May 11, 2023. It also included a Timed Research task featuring rewards based on three Legendary Titans from the Generation 3 games.

During the event, one Pokemon Go dad played with two accounts to catch a Regidrago for his son. That young player will log in and likely be shocked after noticing his hundo Legendary.

Pokemon Go dad plans to surprise son with Regidrago

pokemon go regidrago night header

Reddit user thatswhatmyfoodeats posted his catching achievement on the Pokemon Go subreddit. The OP revealed that his son couldn’t attend the Regidrago Elite Raid due to a family barbecue – so he caught the Legendary for him.

In addition to catching Regidrago, the Pokemon Go user discovered the Legendary’s hundo status. A hundo means a Pokemon with a perfect 15 out of 15 possible points in all three core stats. To obtain Regidrago, the player used his second to last ball and many Golden Razz Berries.

“Best dad ever. Nice job,” Nate2Gr8 praised the trainer.

“Legit question, how many people showed up to your raid,” blackcouchy1990 asked. “Congrats on the hundo. I can’t even get a single one of these in my city because no one raids in person near me.”

The awesome dad claimed five other players attended the raid with 15 minutes left. He added that his town has a “pretty decent community” and lucked out with the Regidrago event.

However, some players weren’t as lucky and demanded Niantic change the catch rate of Elite Raids. Check out our article to sympathize with those who couldn’t get their hands on a Regidrago.