Pokemon Go players rescue dad trying to ‘understand’ the game for his son

Scott Baird
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Pokemon Go fans have banded together to help a father understand the game so that they can play it with their young son.

The Pokemon Go fanbase is known for its vitriol. This anger is aimed more at the developers for the game’s monetization practices, lack of QoL features, or frustrating gameplay loop than it is at other players.

Indeed, Pokemon Go is a far more social game than most of the modern Pokemon titles. While the Gen 1-3 games required players to meet in person, the Nintendo DS allowed the Gen 4 titles to connect online, allowing people to battle and trade without meeting in person.

The Pokemon Go fanbase often has to work together in public to complete tasks, leading to many blossoming friendships and even romance among players. As such, they tend to be kinder to each other, even in online settings.

Pokemon Go fans helped a father understand the game

A user on the Pokemon Go Reddit created a thread explaining their dilemma, as they’re the father to a six-year-old who plays Pokemon Go, but they don’t understand the game and are looking for advice on how to play it. Fans quickly offered their guidance and support to the parent.

“You don’t have to do routes but you have to go to poke stops. Don’t power up anything yet, wait til you know which ones you want to keep and invest in. Have fun!” one user wrote, while another said, “You should make an account too. Certain aspects of the game he’ll need a trading partner and you guys can reap benefits from both playing together.”

Many people also suggested adding Friend Codes in Pokemon Go, as people can send each other Gifts for free items. It’s also safe for kids, as no one can contact them via the Friend List.

Outside of advice, Pokemon Go fans were quick to applaud the father for wanting to spend time with their son and learn their hobbies. “I don’t have any advice that others haven’t already said but I just wanted to say that this is so wholesome” one user wrote, “And I’m sure that one day your son will look back on these times he got to spend with you fondly.”

“I have no help to offer that others here haven’t already given, but I must say, thank you for supporting your child’s wishes and trying to learn about what he enjoys,” another user said, “Good parent award, over here for OP please?”

Gaming is often seen as an unsociable hobby that turns kids into couch potatoes who do nothing but sit on their laptops and consoles all day. Pokemon Go is the exception to this, as it encourages people to go out and explore, making it the ideal gaming hobby for families.

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