Pokemon Go players call for Elite Raid catch rate changes after Regidrago event

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go fans want one big change made to catch rates during Elite Raids following the Regidrago Global Makeup event.

Pokemon Go’s Regidrago Global Makeup event took place on May 13, 2023, which gave fans the chance to catch Generation 8’s Legendary Titan after the original event was plagued with issues.

For those who may not know, Elite Raids are extremely difficult Raid events in Pokemon Go that trainers must compete in in-person. Should players defeat the target of an Elite Raid in battle, they have the chance to catch them and add them to their roster.

However, some trainers think a chance to catch these Pokemon is not worth all the effort invested, and want Niantic to change it so Elite Raid catches are guaranteed.

Pokemon Go trainers want Elite Raid catches to be guaranteed

Unlucky fans took to social media to vent their frustrations after their Elite Raid attempts ended with Regidrago fleeing the encounter altogether.

“Thank you Niantic, that was a waste of time!” said one trainer who shared a screenshot of their Regidrago attempt running away. Another player made a post titled, “Bruhh in person raids should be 100% catchable and remote raids at [a] chance.”

Other members of the community were split on the idea, with some suggesting that it was simply luck of the draw, while others said there should be perks that help trainers catch rate improve.

“I always believed chaining excellent throws should give a boost to the next one. That aside, RNG is RNG, you’re just unlucky mate,” offered one fan.

On the contrary, a different player said, “As annoying as it is this has always been the case with Legendary raids and Elites are no exception. A guaranteed catch would make it just as pointless…”

However, one fan made the argument that, because of the nature of both Pokemon Go and Elite Raids, a guaranteed catch rate may not throw off the game’s design that much. They argued that, with games like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, players have more downtime to actively take on events like Tera Raids featuring rare Pokemon.

However, with Pokemon Go’s higher time commitment and investment, it makes it much harder to attend certain events and catch rare monsters. “Can’t do multiple elite raids for reasons? Too bad. No Regidrago for you, maybe not for another year or more… This game favors people with less real-life responsibilities.”

It’s pretty unlikely that Niantic will make Elite Raid targets guaranteed catches, but it’s clear that some unlucky trainers are not happy with these circumstances.

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