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Pokemon Go March Community Day Rumors

Published: 20/Feb/2019 13:55 Updated: 20/Feb/2019 14:18

by Paul Cot


When one Pokemon Go community day finishes, rumors for the next start. Here is what we can expect for the Pokemon Go March 2019 Community Day.

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The overwhelming favorite to headline the Pokemon Go March 2019 Community Day is Treecko. Unless Niantic decide to swerve Pokemon fans, then logically Treecko is the front-runner.

Niantic’s pattern for community days is well established at this point. Community days alternate between starter and non-starter Pokemon. This pattern has remained consistent since community days started in January 2018.

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Treecko is the grass-type starter Pokemon from generation 3. Some Pokemon Go trainers might query why fellow gen 3 starters Torchic and Mudkip won’t headline.


To date Niantic have had the grass-type starter of each generation headline first. More importantly, however, is the fact that the grass-types appear in the Pokedex before. Torchic and Mudkip will almost certainly feature in subsequent months.

Treecko in Pokemon Go…
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Other Pokemon

Treecko does look all but confirmed, but, as stated, Niantic might change things up to keep Pokemon Go trainers guessing or simply because of a change of strategy.

Some Pokemon Go players have gone out on a limb and suggested Niantic will skip to the gen 4 starter Pokemon. Consequently, Turtwig would headline.

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Bonuses to Expect

Three-hour long lures have appeared in all but one of the community days so far. Therefore, it is very likely three-hour lures will be one of the bonuses. After all, it does fit well with the event duration being three hours.


Other bonuses have previously been a combination of catch XP, catch Stardust and reducing egg hatching distance. Catch XP hasn’t featured as a bonus since December, so perhaps logically this will feature in March. However, in truth, without having inside information (yet) it isn’t possible to know.

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March Date

The more recent Pokemon Go community days have been held on the second week of the month. Therefore, March 9 is probably the most likely date. Alternatively, the following Saturday, March 16 is a possibility.

An announcement should come shortly. Niantic’s recent tendency to leave the announcement longer after the previous community day, means March 16 becomes increasingly likely.