Pokemon Go leaks reveal new extended raids, passes, and promising boxes

pokemon go raid egg

A datamine of an upcoming Pokemon Go update revealed new assets including a new form of raids, a new raid pass, and some promising Item Shop boxes.

For the past few months, Pokemon Go players have aired their grievances with Niantic’s “anti-consumer” item shop boxes. As well, players haven’t been satisfied with the cost of raiding and the exclusivity of some raids.

However, a recent update from notable datamining group Pokeminers is giving players hope for the future of Pokemon Go raids. From new types of Raids and a plethora of Item Shop boxes, things are looking up for players in Pokemon Go version 0.249.0.

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Pokemon Go datamine reveals new Raids and Item Boxes

On September 19, Pokeminers began unpacking the Pokemon Go 249 update which contained assets for new raids, passes, and boxes. One of the most substantial assets was of a new raid called an Extended Raid which comes with a twister-like visual effect.

Details for the Extended Raids were sparse, but fans had their own idea for how Niantic could incorporate mechanics from other games via these raids. These theories included Primal forms, multi-wave battles like Dynamax Adventures, and bonus stronger raids like Massive Mass Outbreaks.

Additionally, Pokeminers uncovered an asset for a new Raid Pass. The asset looks identical to a Remote Raid Pass or Premium Battle Pass, but it’s purple instead of blue or green. There aren’t many details regarding the pass, but Pokeminers believes it will be used to access Extended Raids.

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Lastly, the update contained several new Item Shop boxes including three that players are quite excited about: Raid Free Box, Raid Premium Box, and Raid Remote box. While we don’t know the contents of each box yet, players are hoping to see a healthy number of Raid passes per box.

And with the removal of the Weekly 1 Coin Remote Raid Pass, maybe Niantic is finally answering players’ requests and the Raid Free Box will give free-to-play trainers the passes they have been begging for.