Pokemon Go Kartana weaknesses, counters & can it be Shiny?

Kartana appearing in Pokemon Go with its weaknesses and best countersNiantic

Kartana is the latest Ultra Beast to debut in Pokemon Go and if you want to defeat it in a 5-Star Raid Battle, you’ll need to know details of its weaknesses and the best counters to use.

Ultra Beasts are powerful creatures that first appeared in Pokemon Sun & Moon’s Alola region. While they belong to their own category, they’re on par with Legendaries when it comes to power and rarity.

One of the latest Ultra Beasts to arrive in Pokemon Go is Kartana, the tiny Grass/Steel-type Pokemon. It’s only available in the Northern Hemisphere, while Celesteela is only available in the Southern Hemisphere.

To help you take down Kartana in Pokemon Go, we’ve got details of its weaknesses, the best counters to use on your team, and its Shiny availability in the game.

Kartana in Pokemon Go RaidsNiantic

Kartana weaknesses in Pokemon Go

Kartana is a dual Grass/Steel-type Pokemon, which means it’s weak against Fighting and Fire-type attacks. It’s extremely vulnerable to Fire-type moves, so we would recommend focusing on those.

Kartana also has loads of resistances that you need to be aware of: Avoid using Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Grass, Normal, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, and Water-type moves as they won’t do much damage.

Best counters for Kartana in Pokemon Go

Here are some of the best counters you can use to defeat Kartana in Pokemon Go:

PokemonBest Moveset
Mega Charizard (X or Y)Fire Spin & Blast Burn
Mega HoundoomFire Fang & Flamethrower
ReshiramFire Fang & Overheat
MoltresFire Spin & Overheat
DarmanitanFire Fang & Overheat
ChandelureFire Spin & Overheat
ArcanineFire Fang & Flamethrower
FlareonFire Spin & Overheat
BlazikenFire Spin & Blast Burn
InfernapeFire Spin & Blast Burn

All of the recommended counters above are Fire-type Pokemon with Fire-type attacks. They should make light work of Kartana, as this Ultra Beast has a double weakness to Fire-type damage.

If you haven’t got any of those, simply focus on your most powerful Fire-type Pokemon. You can use Fighting-type Pokemon, but be aware of their weakness to Flying-type attacks which Kartana could use.

Is Shiny Kartana available in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Kartana is not available in Pokemon Go right now. Niantic rarely debuts a new Pokemon alongside its Shiny variation, especially not when it’s a rare Ultra Beast, Legendary, or Mythical Pokemon.

For now, you’ll just have to make do with regular Kartana and keep an eye out for its Shiny debut in a future event.

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