Pokemon Go might finally be adding the Master Ball

A Master Ball teaser in Pokemon GoNiantic

Pokemon Go is teasing the arrival of a new type of Poke Ball, and fans are convinced that it’s going to be the Master Ball.

Catching ’em all is the name of the game in Pokemon Go, but there are still surprisingly few Poke Ball types available to choose from when compared to the mainline games like Scarlet & Violet.

As it stands, there are Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls for regular catching, while Premier Balls are used for catching Raid Bosses and Beast Balls are used for catching Ultra Beasts.

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But it looks like that number could be about to change, as the official Pokemon Go Twitter account has begun teasing that something new is currently “in development” for the mobile game.

Is the Master Ball coming to Pokemon Go?

This tweet was accompanied by an image of all five available Poke Balls with a question mark at the center, so naturally, fans jumped to the conclusion that it must be the Master Ball.

If you’ve not come across a Master Ball in the Pokemon games before, it’s essentially the ‘must-have’ Poke Ball, providing one guaranteed catch regardless of how powerful the Pokemon you’re battling is.

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We can’t imagine Niantic teasing the arrival of a niche Poke Ball like the Love Ball or the Dive Ball, so our best guess is also that it will be the Master Ball – especially as it was recently hinted at by dataminers.

Considering how rare Master Balls are (there’s usually only one of them available in each mainline game), it will be interesting to see how Niantic introduces them into Pokemon Go.

Perhaps it will be tied to Special Research? Or maybe it’s not even the Master Ball that’s being teased? We’ll keep you updated when we find out more.

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