Pokemon Go datamine reveals Master Ball debut, Shadow Raid updates, more

Philip Trahan
pokemon go master ball header

A massive Pokemon Go datamine has uncovered assets for the Master Ball, GUI updates for Shadow Raids, and much more. Here’s everything leakers found through Pokemon Go update 269.

Pokemon Go Season 10 is well underway, and while fans haven’t been happy about all the changes introduced this season, there’s been plenty of new content to experience.

Already, Niantic has introduced more Elite Raids, new Team Leader-themed events, and much more. However, it seems the developer still has a lot on the horizon.

According to a massive datamine, Pokemon Go fans may see the Master Ball finally make its way to the game, alongside some helpful user interface changes to various aspects of the mobile app.

Huge Pokemon Go datamine reveals big updates coming soon

The PokeMiners Twitter account data mined the 269 update that rolled out for Pokemon Go and live-tweeted its findings for the community to follow along.

Notably, one of the first and biggest bits of info the team discovered surrounded the Master Ball. According to the team’s tweets, this powerful PokeBall will have “a special reward cutscene and camera” when receiving and using it.

Additionally, the team found that there would be a special cutscene that plays when trainers throw a Master Ball, and players receive it initially by completing a quest.

Next, the team uncovered that “Several Shadow Raid GUIs and visual additions are now being added as well,” as well as a host of new “libraries and configs” for Shadow Raids and Bosses.

Finally, the last major bit of news from the leak involved Pokemon Go+ Plus, as new settings were added ahead of the device’s July 2023 release date.

Other smaller changes included a new warning when trainers are on their last Poke Ball, new options to remove unusable items, and buttons to show Pokemon Contests and Coin visibilities. Clearly, Niantic has a lot planned for Pokemon Go throughout the rest of 2023.