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Pokemon gets thrown into Squid Game in TikTok’s latest trend

Published: 9/Oct/2021 23:56

by Meg Bethany Koepp


TikTok is loving Squid Game right now, with thousands of clips uploaded about the Netflix show. Now, Trainers are taking it to another level by putting Pokemon into the game with some priceless videos.

In late September, Korean Netflix show Squid Game took the internet by storm as it captivated viewers with its thrilling plot about a deadly survival game with millions of dollars worth of prize money at stake. You simply cannot browse social media without seeing people raving about it.

Now, Pokemon fans are putting their own spin on the popular TV show on TikTok. Some of them are relatable, some are sad, and some are just downright hilarious. After watching these, #PokemonSquidGame is going to be your new favorite hashtag on the app.


Ash Ketchum on top of Squid Game screenshot
Netflix / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon fans can’t get enough of hit Korean show Squid Game.

Pokemon comes to Squid Game TikTok

TikToker Howieazy is no stranger to making people laugh on TikTok, with over 5.2 million followers loving his skits. One of his latest videos shows what would happen to many Pokemon fans were they to compete in the survival games.

Captioned “If 90’s kids played Squid Game,” the clip sees Howie in the midst of Red Light, Green Light, in which players must run to the other side when the doll says “green light” and stop when it says “red light.” If any movement is detected when competitors are meant to be still, they’re killed.

The twist comes when the entertainer is stopped for the red light. Suddenly, the famous Pokemon theme song plays and he can’t resist from singing along at the top of his lungs, resulting in him being eliminated.


@howieazyThe Pokémon theme song is too iconic 😂 ##fyp ##squidgame ##squidgames ##squidgamenetflix ##pokemon ##90skids ##Howieazy ##funny ##foryou ##viral♬ original sound – Howieazy

User Huntress of Cards plays the next Squid Game challenge in their TikTok video: Honeycomb. While the typical game makes players cut out a shape from the popular Korean sugar candy with a needle, theirs uses the recently-released Pokemon Oreos.

Using a Mew one – which has apparently been selling for thousands online – Huntress tries to remove the ‘mon from the cookie, only to have it split which spells instant elimination for the TikToker.

@.huntress_I would have survive the Pokemon Squid games… 🤣😅 ##squidgames ##squidgamesedit ##pokemonskits ##pokemoncomedy ##pokemon ##oreo ##pokemonoreos ##mew♬ Squid Game – Green Light Red Light – Yovinca Prafika

Although incredibly dark compared to the Game Freak franchise, fans just can’t get enough of injecting the series into the trend. While contrasting, it’s pretty hilarious to see how Trainers would fair in the dangerous games.


Let’s be fair, Team Rocket would fit in nicely with the masked guards.